Thursday, 12 January 2017

NYC Haul

Hey guys!
So this is a little over due but back at the beginning of December I jetted off to New York and bought quite a lot of makeup and other beauty bits so I thought I would do a little haul of what I bought. I know it is a month later since I went bought I photographed them straight after and then forgot to write the post!
The majority of the things I bought were from Sephora because it was like heaven to me and if I had my way I would have just bought the whole store... I also bought some bath and body works Christmas products whilst I was there too as we don't have it over here so I felt I had to, and I also had to go into the Inglot store as I have never tried any of their products!

So in Sephora I treated myself to the Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia of Beverly Hills because I had seen people raving about it and when I seen how pretty it was I just couldn't resist. I was going to swatch this but I decided I am going to do a separate post on it featuring a makeup look also. I went for two Anastasia liquid lipsticks too in Crush(a soft pink) and Veronica(a dark purple). 
crush(bottom) veronica(top)
I also decided to pick up a Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Bow n Arrow as well as I have never used any of her products but have heard how amazing they are and I definitely agree. 
bow n arrow
I decided to get the Laura Mercier translucent loose powder as I wanted to try a loose powder and when looking into it I read that this was one of the best. I haven't tried this yet but once I have I will let you know what I think. 
I've heard quite a bit about GlamGlow recently and over in the states it seemed to be everywhere so I picked up a lip set including their lip scrub, lip balm and lip plump and I have been obsessed with the lip plump. I find that it does plump my lips quite a bit but it also makes a perfect lip base for liquid lipsticks as it prevents the lips from drying out while keeping the lip colour on all day, definitely would recommend this to anyone!
I wanted to try some of the Sephora face masks so I picked up 2 face masks, 2 lip masks and a nose pore strip. I'm yet to use the face masks as I don't want to use them and then not have anymore but I have used the lip masks and I found that they were actually really hydrating and made my lips feel quite soft which is great for the winter.
I love in Sephora that you can get roller ball perfumes in most perfumes so I decided to get my favourite, Flowerbomb as I know I love it and it is a great handbag size for everyday or for night outs.
Finally, saving the best for last I got two Pat Mcgrath Metamorphis sets in Bronze and Silver. I had never heard of Pat Mcgrath but my auntie(who I went with) had and when we walked into Sephora and seen the stand I was in love. Everything was shimmering gold and the products themselves lived up to the stand. They are the most pigmented eyeshadows I have ever seen. The sets come with an eyeshadow, cream eyeshadow, liquid mixing solution and double ended eyeliner. 
bronze cream shadow, eyeshadow, eyeshadow mixed with liquid

silver eyeshadow with liquid, cream shadow, eyeshadow

Whilst there, there was discount off the MAC Christmas collection in Bloomingdales so I decided to pick up the golden pigment set. I absolutely love the colours in this, especially the gold glitter when mixed with some liquid eyeshadow drops. 
sugar rush, stardream, handsome prince, reigning riches
The last makeup things I bought were two Inglot pigments. One is a body sparkles in 47 and the other is pure pigment eyeshadow in 119. As you can see, I fell in love with glitters and pigments whilst I was there as everything was so sparkly and shimmering that I couldn't say no, I think as it was so festive there too that it didn't help!
119, 47

And that was everything!! I absolutely loved my time in New York and could not have had a better time, it was so Christmassy and magical there that I felt like I was in wonderland. If you are thinking of going to NYC I could not recommend it more because I already can't wait to go back.. Especially to go shopping in Sephora again! 
If you have nay requests for makeup looks using any of the things I've bought or you want to know anything about them then let me know and I will be sure to do them! Also look out for my Modern Renaissance look which will be up soon! 
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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Box of Goodness

Hey Guys!!
So for my 18th I was the most lucky person and was so spoilt by all my friends and family, in fact when this post goes up I'll be in New York! But before I even start I just want to say I promise this is not a way of bragging at all I just wanted to show this gift I recieved off my friends as they done me a box full of makeup treats, most of which being an amazing order from Colourpop. 
I've not ever tried Colourpop but when they were doing free worldwide shipping I really wanted to get some stuff to try out so I picked out some stuff and my friends bought me the stuff. I chose to get one of the quads of eyeshadows in Zingara, a single shadow, three lippie stix and a highlighter. They also got me two MAC Lipsticks and Snow Fairy by lush which is my favourite lush scent ever!

The Zingara foursome set includes Jinxie which is the very shimmery pearl gold shade, Elixir which is a matte warm orange/brown, Seeker which is a matte brick brown and Paradox which is a satin burgandy shade. The foursome all work together to create a beautiful red smokey eye or work alone to create many different looks. I'm actually so impressed with how pigmented all these shadows are and I love the creamy feel of the shadows but they blend so well and go on like a powder.

For the single shadow I picked out Bae which appears like a very shimmery green shade but is actually a duo chrome eggplant shade with a turquoise under tone. It is so pretty and it actually works really well with the other 4 shades too.

I then was desperate to try the Lippie Stix's as I've seen so many people rave about them and swatch them so I wanted to see what they were like for myself. I decided to go for Cookie which is a pinky toned nude in a matte finish, Grunge which is a deep brown matte shade and Aquarius which is a a beautiful soft nude in a creme finish. These again are so pigmented and despite being matte, they're actually really creamy so don't dry out the lips. I think Aquarius has been my favourite so far as it is so wearable and goes with any outfit and any makeup look but they're all absolutely stunning colours and I definitely want to try out more of these lippie stixs as they are becoming my favourite lip products.

The final Colourpop item I went for was a highlighter in the shade Wisp which is a golden shade. These are super shimmery and pigmented, maybe a little too much for me as I think this might not work as nicely on me due to being pale but I will definitely try it anyway, plus it will make a beautiful eyeshadow if I don't use it as a highlighter!

I know this is mainly a Colourpop Haul but as they also bought me two Mac Lipsticks I thought I would just show you these also. I decided to ask for Whirl which is a darkish brown matte shade that is very Kylie Jenner inspired and I also chose Kinda Sexy which is a pink toned nude in a matte finish too(as you can tell I love matte lips). Both of these colours are absolutely stunning and I've worn whirl so much as I feel like it's such a wintery shade. The shades are quite similar to Colourpop Grunge and Cookie but are slightly different tones and have a more matte finish.

I know this haul was quite long and chatty but I haven't done a haul for ages and I really wanted to show how beautiful all of the Colourpop products are. If you are able to get your hands on Colourpop I would 100% recommend it as they are amazing quality for the price, I will definitely be looking at try to get some more stuff in the future! I hope you have enjoyed this haul, if you have then be sure to let me know as I would love to do some more!
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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Rainforest of the Sea

Hey guys!
I feel like I haven't wrote anything for so long but it has been a hectic month with college assignments being due in and stressing me out! I've ha these pictures all ready to post about for a few weeks but just haven't gotten round to writing the post so now I finally can! 
A few months ago QVC had a deal on the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea collection and it was one I just couldn't miss so I was lucky enough to be gifted it by my Nan and Granddad for my birthday. When I opened it I was so excited to try it out as everything looked so beautiful and the packaging is so pretty too. In the collection you received a makeup bag, the rainforest water foundation, the double ended kabuki brush, a palette, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara/primer. After photographing these products I couldn't wait to try them out so I have used the foundation a few times and I absolutely love it! It is quite a thin consistency but can be layered for more coverage and although it being a water based foundation it lasts really well. I wore it for my 18th party and it lasted all day and night which to me is a winner and I didn't even have to touch it up at all. I've also used the mascara and eyeliner a few times and both are really nice, the eyeliner is very creamy but is again long wearing and I really like the mascara although I tend to like most mascaras so I knew I probably would. I haven't tried the eye shadows apart from swatching them but they all look beautiful natural colours but the darker shades could make a lovely smokey eye so I'm going to pack the palette to take to New York with me as it is a great travel size. I also have only swatched the lipstick and it looks lovely but it is very glossy and pink which isn't my typical colour but I am going to try wear it and see what I think!

Overall I love these products so far and I love that they are all quite good for your skin as tarte works with very natural products that go into their makeup. I'm not sure if QVC will still have this actual collection as they have different special offers all the time but if you're wanting to try out Tarte's makeup, especially if you're from the UK as it is one of the only places that stocks it, you should check out their website! Also if you want to see a makeup look using this set then just let me know and I will do one! 
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Sunday, 6 November 2016

My Favourite Autumn/Winter Lipsticks

Hey Guys!
I know over the autumn/winter there's nothing I love more than wearing a dark lip or dark tones as I feel like it really completes an outfit and it makes me feel all wintery, which I love! I know you can get so many different dark shades now a days but I thought I would just share a few of my top picks with you guys.
All of these lipsticks are super long lasting and I find I can wear them almost all day without them coming off, I just top them up sometimes after eating as the inside does sometimes fade.
First up is Mac's Hot Tahiti which is a berry tone but it is quite sheer so it is really wearable and great for those who want to try a berry colour but don't feel ready to go as dark as most lipsticks. It is really creamy and feels moisturising on the lips which is great for in the winter if you get dry lips like me as I find matte colours sometimes dry the lips out.

Another of my favourites is Mac's Diva which is matte shade that is more of a dark red rather than a berry colour. It's coming across slightly darker on photos but in person it isn't as deep. Even though it is a matte colour, its quite a creamy matte and doesn't look as matte on the lips which I like as it's not too drying.

I featured this lip colour in my previous post with a full make up look to go with it as it is my go to colour at the minute. It's Nyx soft matte lip cream in Copenhagen which is similar to Mac's Diva but is slightly more purple toned and as it is more of a liquid lipstick, it sets more matte. You would think as it sets it would be drying but they're actually quite creamy and feel comfortable on the lips.

I also really love Nyx's lip lingerie in Teddy which is such a unique colour. It is quite a grey based brown with a slight white under tone to make it not as deep. It is a gorgeous colour but I find it does make your teeth look slightly yellow because of the white undertone. It is more matte than the lip creams and does dry completely which leave the lips slightly dry but not uncomfortable.

Finally, I would say this shade is my favourite Winter colour as it is darker than the others but it beautiful! It is Nars Lipstick in Liv which is a deep purple shade that again is quite matte but is similar to Diva in the fact it isn't completely matte and again is really creamy. This colour is amazing for a really vampy look or goes well with a simple makeup look and then a bold lip. Even though it is a super dark colour and purple can be a scary shade to wear, it is actually quite wearable.

And that is them all! I know all these colours are quite similar but they all have different tones and finishes to them which makes them unique. I have to say I love all these colours and the are definitely my favourites but you don't have to have all of them, you could pick a shade that suits your preference. If there's any other lipstick swatches you'd like me to do then just let me know as I also could do some more nude shades as I don't always go for dark lips or if you have any requests in general just tweet me!
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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Dark Lips & Killer Wings

Hey Guys!
So for my last post I did a go to makeup look that I wear if I don't want to do a full eye look but for this post I thought I would do a more autumnal look that I go for if I have a bit more time of a morning to get myself ready. As well as this being a makeup look, it also features so many of my favourite products at the minute as I've been trying out some new products lately so  I thought I could recommend them now and show how I use them!
As a base I've been using the Primark 'Strobe Cream' which I would definitely say is a dupe for Mac's as it is almost the exact same product just slightly more runny. It is the perfect base if you want to give a dewy finish for the skin and in the colder weather I find my skin goes a lot dryer so by using this is it moisturises my skin and makes it look healthy and glowing which is definitely a look I love to go for.
For this look I like to go for an orange toned brown or sometimes a slightly reddish brown depending how dark I'm wanting to go.  For this I usually use my NYX 'Beauty School Dropout palette' that I got gifted when I done a beauty school dropout day with Nicola Schullerinc and Lou Teasdale(I may do a post about it as it was an amazing experience). The palette is amazing and features everything you could possibly need! I then use NYX 'Matte Liquid Liner'. It is so easy to do a winged eye using it as the tip is fine you can make your wing super fine but you can also do a thick graphic line with it by building it up. Then to finish the eyes on I put a few coats of Urban Decay's 'Perversion mascara' as it makes my lashes so long and full that people have actually asked if I've had false lashes on! 
For my brows I've been reaching for my Benefit 'Gimme Brow' so much lately as I find when I use this first, I barely have to fill them in afterwards which then gives me such a natural look and since getting a fringe, I've found that brows aren't as much a staple look as you can barely see them.
To finish my look I've been going for a dark lip because as soon as the weather gets colder, my love for deep reds, browns and purples comes back in full swing and I cannot resist wearing them all the time. My most used and loved colour is NYX's 'Soft Matte Lip Cream' in Copenhagen as it is the perfect dark lip that lasts for so long and despite being matte, it isn't drying at all as you can't even feel them on the lips.

If you're enjoying these style posts then please let me know and I can do some more makeup looks, I really want to do some Halloween simple looks which I will hopefully get up this week so if you're interested then keep a look out for them! Also if you have any suggestions for posts then I am more than willing to listen to them as I really want to upload posts that you enjoy reading. I am thinking of doing a autumn/winter clothing essentials post but I just want to find the right place to photograph them as I don't want the pictures to look rubbish so hopefully I'll get round to doing that!
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