Thursday, 26 September 2013

Early birthday delivery...

Hey guys! So long time no post so apologies about that I've just been so busy recently as I'm back to school and I just haven't had a chance to sit down and write a post for use! So I thought I'd so a little sort of review today because I just go a delivery of something I ordered the other day. Well technically my nan bought them for me as an early birthday present as I didn't know what I wanted and these have been on my Wishlist for so long! 

Your probably wondering what they are that I'm rambling on about.. They're the Topshop Katz2 shoes! I've loved these since the first edition came out and Eleanor Calder wore them to the topshop unique show in February I think! She looked amazing in these shoes and I instantly fell in love, I loved the white&black ones too but they were so expensive and I had no chance of getting them. Unfortunately, they sold out pretty quickly and I didn't get a chance to get them however just recently Topshop decided to bring them back out but called Katz2 although they have no difference! When they came back out I was desperate to get them but I still didn't really have the money but topshop had lowered the price by around £40 so I thought I could just save up until my nan asked me what I was wanting for my birthday. I asked her for the shoes and she ordered them straight away incase they sold out. 
The delivery time was pretty quick as they came after 3 working days. As soon as the delivery came I was so excited and practically ripped the bag apart to get them out. I was a little worried because everyone had said that these ran big for the size however mine fit like a glove! They are so pretty and they look really dressy but can also be dressed down. They also pretty much go with everything because they're just black with a slightly shinier black on the front and back. They're really comfortable so far but I can see them needing to be broken in as they're real leather so may hurt for the first few times however with some socks they should be fine and I'm going to wear them around the house first too! If your thinking of getting these I would definitely recommend you buying them now because I can see these selling out pretty soon and if your worried they may not be in style for much longer then your wrong. Cut out shoes and boots are all in this autumn and winter and I can see these being in for quite a while after that too!!

I can't wait to start styling these with all different outfits.. I already have quite a few planned because as soon as I ordered them I got a little excited and began planning things and making polyvore sets. When I start wearing these I will post a few outfits in a blog post because I'm thinking of making a autumn/winter look book post as soon as I can! 

Sorry this isn't the most interesting blog but I know quite a few people might want to know about the shoes because I've heard so many bloggers rave about these and they are just such a good staple shoe as they go with almost everything! 

Thanks for reading and I will try to post again really soon!! Byeeeee

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Hey guys!! So it feels like so long since I last uploaded but I've been on holiday so I couldn't post last week as I weren't here! Now I'm back and everything should be back to normal and I will be uploading regularly again! This weeks blog is very different from my usual ones however I thought it would be quite good to change it up.. So this week I decided I would do a blog all about my holiday! Before I start I will just tell you where about it was, we went to Kusadasi in Turkey and stayed in the Palmin Hotel! 

On Saturday the 17th August at 12 noon me, my mum, my sister and my friend Megan were picked up by a minibus and we travelled to Manchester airport were we flying from. We was extremely excited to just to get to the airport even though we knew we was still a long time away from arriving in Turkey!

After several boring hours in the airport checking luggage in, going through passport control, duty free and then waiting we finally boarded the plane! The plane was slightly delayed by 20 minutes but we was just glad it was only a short delay. 
Once the plane had took off we then had a 4 hour plane journey to Izmir airport and unfortunately this didn't go very quickly. Me and Megan spent time talking, listening to music, reading magazines and still wasn't there by this time.. Oh and I forgot, we also got some food! Whilst up in the clouds however it was so pretty so I took two pictures. One was when we had just took off and the other was whilst the sun was beginning to set. 

When we finally landed we went straight through to get our luggage and then headed out of the   airport to find the coach that would be taking us to our hotel. It was then around 11pm in Turkish  time so we was rather tired from travelling. Luckily, the coach we was on was just for our hotel so we didn't have to do any drop offs. The drive to our hotel was around an hour long and it was mainly just through hills and mountains so I didn't take any pictures, also because it was dark too so you couldn't really see anyway.
Once we got to the hotel we went straight up to our room and to bed. I completely forgot to take a picture of the room but it was like any hotel room on holiday really.. Three single beds, a bathroom, dressing table, tv and balcony.

The next day was our first time properly seeing the pool and also the views of the hotel. As soon as I saw it I couldn't wait to just jump in the pool. It looked so pretty and already at 10am it was hot! This was the view from the balcony in the lobby.


Once we got to down by the pool we sat sunbathing for a while but quickly it became too hot so into the pool we went! From by the pool you could see the front of the hotel and the glass elevator that we had to take every day(I don't like elevators haha)


After a day just relaxing by the pool we went up to get ready. I don't have pictures from what I wore every night but for the nights I do I will show you! This isn't a great picture of my outfit but I had a detailed too on with dungarees and my white converse.

For the entertainment that night it was a dance show.. I don't know what they called the dancing but it was a bit like cabaret. It was actually really good! 

The next day we spent doing the exact same thing, we just relaxed by the pool for the day and then got ready for the show in the night. The only picture I have from the night is me and my mum, it's quite dark and you can't fully see but I have my new look jumpsuit on that I've showed in one of my hauls! 

The next day we headed down to the beach. From our hotel, the Lady Beach wasn't far away so we decided it would be nice to walk. The walk was around 15 minutes and it was mainly just through small streets of houses and hotels and then it headed onto the pier front. When we got there, the beach was extremely crowded and after around and hour me and Megan were way too hot so we ended up heading back to the hotel! When we walking along there was a cruise boat so I decided to take a picture because it just looked really pretty! I also took pictures of the beach too. 

Then on Wednesday the holiday went a little downhill. The previous day my mum had got a little sick but she thought it would pass however, the next day I then got ill too. We was meant to be going to the market but as I was ill I stayed in bed in the hotel whilst the others went. When they got back I felt a bit better so we went down to the show. I actually took a proper picture of my outfit this day!! 

Thursday went even worse when I ended up fainting because I hadn't ate the day before as I want well.. I do not recommend not eating at all and I understand how serious it is! I would never do it again!! By the night time I felt better though so we still went to watch the entertainment. We also took a few pictures by the hotels sign. I had on a dress from river island with my necklace from primark and converse! 

Then, Friday was our last full day which was sad! We spent the day by the pool as we weren't 100% better. Megan also ended up getting ill too so the three of us weren't great however my sister was fine! In the afternoon around 4 we went up to get ready and instead of going for our tea downstairs, we headed to the town centre and to the harbour. Whilst we was there we done a little bit of shopping to get any last little gifts and we also went to McDonald's!! Then we went down the harbour to have a look. The view was absolutely stunning from down there as the sun was just setting and it just looked so pretty! 

I also got a few pictures so you can see what I'm wearing. I had a lace dress on that was from h&m and again, my trusty shoes, converse! 

Once we was back we went up to the room to freshen ourselves up a little and then we went down to watch the show. It was Kenyan acrobats on, I had saw them before on a previous holiday but still they were so good! 

My little sister had also bought a laser pen light but I think me and Megan may have enjoyed playing with it more that night! 

Saturday was then our last day! We spent the day by the pool, I was in the shade because I still wasn't well, and then at around 4:30 we went up to finish packing and get changed into clothes we was travelling in. At 6pm we was picked up by the coach and taken to Izmir airport. Our flight home was pretty late and we didn't get back to the house till 2am so I didn't take any pictures apart from one before we left the hotel with one of the kids entertainers.. I had a black cropped top from river island, skirt from internacionale and converse yet again! 

So that was my holiday.. I made this blog a bit longer than usual but I wanted to show use my whole holiday and also as I haven't uploaded in two weeks I thought a longer one would maybe make up for it! 
I hope you have enjoyed this style blog, let me know if you have because I could do this style again if use have! Don't forget to tweet me what you think or if you have any questions about my holiday or any questions.

Thankyou for reading guys!! Xx

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