Thursday, 31 October 2013


Hey guys!! Soo as it's Halloween I thought I would do a different kind of makeup look today. Instead of my normal makeup I decided to try something a bit weird out. Even though I wasn't doing nothing for Halloween I thought I would do my makeup just to get me into the spirit.. Plus I wanted to do a blog post! Haha!! So here's my makeup look on how to be a cute little kitty cat!

I already had my everyday makeup on as I've been to school all day. You can find it by clicking the link here:
So to begin the actual look I done my eyes as these are kind if the main part of the look. 
Firstly, I took my naked palette and used the colour sin to just sweep across the whole lid and be a base colour for the rest of the eyeshadows. 
Then I took virgin on the same fluffy brush and applied this to the first 1/3 of the eye so this part was brighter. 
Next I took creep and created an outer v shape and also took this through the crease to add darkness to the look. This colour also has slight flecks of silver, so when in certain lights the colours reflect and it looks so beautiful! 
To add more off a smokey look to the eye I then took a Barry m dazzle pot, mine are quite old and no longer have the same number shade so I'm not sure which one it is but it is black with gold flecks. I added this to the outer part and blended it into creep. 
Once this was done I then took another Barry m dazzle lot, this one is a baby pink shade, and also this cerise pink colour from this Chanel pallet and blended the colours in a semi circle under the eye. To build up the colour I just layered it on and blended it in. I also took these up the nose slightly and into the eyeshadows to blend all the colours together. 
Then to intensify this colour under the eye even more I used benefit bene-tint and added a few dots. Using a flat foundation brush by real techniques I then blended this in. As this is a tint though it does stain slightly. Plus, don't feel obliged to use the exact same products as me. I have pictures below so you can see the colours and products but if you have different products with the same colour then feel free to use those! 
As I wanted to then brighten the tear duct I took another dazzle dust, this is a white iridescent one, and applied it there using another fluffy brush.
To finish the whole eye look I used avon super shock eyeliner as this is like a gel consistency but in a stick form and is also a really intense shade of black. I just applied a thick amount right around the  entire eye and finished the while eyes by using avon super shock mascara. I done quite a few coats on the eyelashes to make them as thick and full as possible, you could also use fake lashes.

Next for lips.. For these I used a Barry m nude lipstick which is too light for me but works perfectly for this. You can use any light nude lipstick as long as it is nourishing as I then used the eyeliner again to fill in my lips. Of course you could just use a black lipstick if you own one but as this eyeliner is so dark it worked brilliantly and over the lipstick it wasn't too dry! 

Now, a cat look wouldn't be complete without its shiny wet nose and long whiskers so for this I used the eyeliner again and coloured in the tip of my nose and also drew on some long whiskers across my cheeks!! 


So this is the complete look! Although many people do really scary looks or gorey looks for Halloween I thought I would take it down another route and go for the more girly and cute look. Cats can also be scary sometimes and especially black cats so you can get away with this for Halloween!! If your wondering where I got the inspiration from for this look. It was because of Lottie Tomlinson's(Louis Tomlinson's sister) makeup that she done last year for Halloween which you can find here:

I hope you have like this look anddd.....

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