Tuesday, 24 December 2013

24 Days of Nails!

Hey Guys! 3 blog posts in 3 days.. I'm on a roll! This year instead of having a chocolate advent calender, I had a Ciate nail varnish calender. Basically, each day I opened the door and a different colour nail varnish was in each one, such a cute idea! So I thought I would share with you what colours were in there because I'm pretty sure they actually sell the colours aswell. Some may be limited edition but I don't believe they all are. Plus, each door had a cute little quote on and you also got a funnel for some special nail varnishes!

They're all so Pretty!!

There are images below that show each nail varnish in order of day.
From left to right.

Day 1: Snow Globe, a clear varnish with white and silver iridescent bits in. The name pretty much gives a good description, it is like a the glitter in a snow globe.
Day 2: Boudoir, this is a dark red with a very glossy finish.
Day 3: Hopscotch, a peachy toned orange with slight pink undertones.
Day 4: Was a bracelet with Ciate's signature bow on but mine is in a bag so I didn't have it to photograph.
Day 5: Hoopla, this is a baby pink colour with blue undertones. It's actually a really similar colour to Creme cup lipstick by Mac.
Snow Globe, Boudoir, Hopscotch, Hoopla

Day 6: Sugar Plum, a pastel lilac with a few grey tones. It's quite transparent.
Day 7: Fit For A Queen, this ones a very sparkly silver that in different lights appears a little like a shiny wrapper.
Day 8: Caviar Pearls Deck The Nails, these are small red and gold balls that you apply using the funnel over your nail varnish whilst wet and then add a clear top coat.
Day 9: Kiss Chase, a more bright pink but still quite light.
Sugar Plum, Fit For A Queen, Deck The Nails, Kiss Chase
Day 10: Pillow Fight, this is a light grey colour that is quite transparent also.
Day 11: Amazing Gracie, A very baby pink. You could actually say this is a white with pink tones in as it's that light.
Day 12: Hidden Gem: this ones quite an olive green colour with some yellow.
Day 13: Loop The Loop, this ones a very pastel sunshine yellow shade.
Pillow Fight, Amazing Gracie, Hidden Gem, Loop the Loop

Day 14: Party Shoes, a clear varnish with mainly gold but also a few iridescent small pieces in.
Day 15: Glitter All The Way, perfectly described in the name. This ones literally just a gold glitter that you also apply the same as the Caviar beads.
Day 16: Chinchilla, this colour reminds me of an elephant. It's a grey shade with blue tones.
Day 17: Members Only, one of my favourites! This is a gorgeous nude shade with a pearl effect.
Party Shoes, Glitter All They Way, Chinchilla, Members Only

Day 18: Knickerbockerglory, bit of a mouth full but this is a hot pink colour with a really glossy finish.
Day 19: Caviar Pearls Ice Queen, these again are the same as the other Caviar pearls however these ones are silver and bronze.
Day 20: Apple & Custard, a mint green pastel shade that has quite a matte finish.
Day 21: Iced Frappe, this ones a really muted purple but in different lights it looks quite shimmered.
Knickerbockerglory, Ice Queen, Apple & Custard, Iced Frappe

Day 22: 3 small glittery nail files. A gold, green and red the perfect colours for the festive period and really handy to throw in your bag.
Day 23: Sequins Mistletoe Madness, these are again similar to the Caviar Pearls and glitter but these are sequins. They apply the exact same as the others. These ones are in gold, red and green again perfect for this festive period and they look so expensive looking on nails when really it only takes a few minutes and pounds!
Day 24: Talent Scout, a bright and vibrant purple with a really glossy finish.

Nail Files, Mistletoe Madness, Talent Scout

So that is all of the nail polishes. I hope this blog hasn't been too long but I thought it would be quite useful because I know it's really hard to tell from pictures or from the bottle as to what the colour looks like. My explanations may not be the best but hopefully they make sense to you!
Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!!!!!
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Monday, 23 December 2013

Santa's Mince Pies

Hey Guys! Merry Christmas Eve eve... This blog post is completely different to my usual style but I know not all of you are into makeup/fashion posts so instead I've changed things up today and instead I'm doing a cookery style post. This is how to make easy Mince Pies! 

You will need:
500g of Shortcrust dough, or you can make your own
200g of mince filling
1 egg
Around 50g of flour or less
A small amount of Sugar
A rolling pin
A Teaspoon
A pastry brush
A round cutter(we didn't have one so I used a glass)
Some shape cutters of your choice(I have a Christmas tree!)
A baking tray

Firstly, the most obvious step is to wash your hands before you start baking and preheat the oven to gas mark 4 or around 180 degrees.

  • Next you need to take your flour and sprinkle it across the worktop you will be using and also onto the rolling pin then place the dough in the centre of the worktop.
  • Using the rolling pin roll your dough out making sure you do alternative ways to keep the level even. Continue to do this until your dough is around 4cm thick.
  • Then you will need to cut circle shapes out of the dough using either a cutter or in my case a glass.
  • Press the circle shaped dough into each ramekin in the baking tray. You may want to either use grease proof paper or a small amount of butter to line the inside of each ramekin to prevent it from sticking.

  • Next, add a teaspoon of the mince filling to the dough ramekin. You only want it to be around 3/4 full or it is likely to spill over the edges whilst cooking.
  • Going back to your dough, roll it out again exactly how you did before so you can do the lid for the mince pies.
  • Once rolled out, use any shape cutter of your choice(I have a Christmas tree) and cut out enough of the shapes for each mince pie to have a lid. 
Place them onto the mince pie and where the lid and base meet squeeze the dough together slightly to keep them on.

  • When each mince pie has a lid then beat the egg in any bowl or cup.
  • Using the pastry brush, do a small stroke of the egg onto the top on the lid to help them become crisp in the oven.
  • This is completely optional but you can also add a sprinkle of sugar to the top, it just sweetens the pie.
  • Then place them in the oven on the middle shelf, using oven gloves as it will be hot, and leave for around 15 minutes or until golden brown. 
  • Once cooked, take the pies out and leave them in the tray for a few minutes in case they are a little soft and may crumble at first touch.
  • Take them out the tray after a few minutes leave on a rack to cool.

These are great as small gifts if  you put them in some cute Christmas cake boxes and add some ribbon! We  put ours onto a Christmassy cake stand with some other treats and had them on the table for dinner. Remember to save one though and leave it out for Santa!!
Festive Dinner

I hope you have enjoyed this different style blog and perhaps it has inspired you to go make some Christmassy treats too. If you have enjoyed this style blog then be sure to let me know because then I will know whether to do some in the future. Also, if you do make these then leave a picture on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #UrbanChristmas and tag me in it(links below) and I'll be sure to go look!
Thanks for reading...

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Love Liv xxxx

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Makeup!

Hey guys! So Christmas is quickly approaching and if you are anything like me then you won't be very organised! However, one thing I do know is what makeup look I am going to be doing on Christmas. I thought I would share with you the look I am doing because I'm completely in love with it. It's not too out there, it's just an ultra brown shimmered smokey eye with a dark lip although you could alternate with lip colours.

To begin, I primed my skin using the Smashbox photo finish primer. Mine is from the trial set however it is really good so I'm definitely planning on buying this once it's used up.
Then it was onto foundation. The one I used is new for me as I only bought it a few days ago but I was wanting a foundation specifically for Christmas. For me, Christmas is one of the few times of year where many pictures are taken therefore I wanted my skin to look quite perfect and not too dewy or it will look shiny on photos. So I bought Revlon Photoready foundation in the shade 004 nude and applied this using a Real Techniques flat foundation brush

Usually, after foundation I would finish off my skin but as the eye makeup tends to have some fall down I decided to go straight onto my eyes.
As a base I used one of the 17 Wild Metallics Eyes eyeshadows in the shade wild bronze which is, a cream based eyeshadow in a golden bronze colour with quite a lot of shimmer. I used a fluffy brush to just apply this to the lid roughly leaving out the very inner corner as I'm going to brighten there. 
Then over the top I used Mac Sable on an Urban Decay flat eyeshadow brush to set the cream shadow so it doesn't crease and also to slightly brighten the colour.
After this, I used a Mac 217 brush to blend the colour and soften the edges. 
To make the look more smokey, I then used darkhorse from my Urban Decay Naked Palette on a Real Techniques Detailer Brush. I would usually use this brush for lips however as I only wanted to take this colour slightly through the socket and down towards the lash line it was perfect to get it precisely in the right place. After pushing it onto the eye, I used my 217 brush again to blend the colours.
To brighten the centre of my eye, I used Mac Woodwinked on the same Urban Decay Flat eyeshadow brush and just pressed this straight onto the centre without blending it out.
Then I'm going to reflect all these colours down onto my bottom lashline using a the pointed brush and blend them all together just to add a smokey effect to the bottom.
Where I left empty before in the very inner corner of my eye, I used Mac Nylon on a slightly pointed brush and just put this in the empty space and brought it down to the tear duct. This colour brightens the eye and makes it looks wider.
Using Mac Blacktrack eyeliner I lined my upper lashline, into the tear duct and also done a slight flick using a small angled brush and also took this down on the bottom waterline.
To finish the eyes, I coated my lashes in Avon Supershock mascara which is a really good mascara if you want the effect of wearing false lashes but without wearing them. You could also add lashes if you wanted to but I prefer not to.

Going back to my skin, next I took my Collection lasting perfection concealer in the lightest shade and done a v shade under the eyes to brighten them up. To blend this in I used the Real Techniques Miracle complexion sponge
Then I used my HD Brows set in vamp and took the two bottom shades on the small angled brush and ran them through my brows to define them.
Next I went to my Sleek face palette and using the brown colour I sucked in my cheeks and applied this to the hollows to contour. Then used the blush on the apples of my cheeks and the light colour on the tops of my cheek bones to highlight. For all of this I used a Real Techniques Contour Brush.

To complete the whole look I used Mac Hang up on my lips which is a really dark plum colour and then a Ted Baker lipgloss which I'm not sure of the shade as it doesn't say but any dark red/pink lipgloss would work and I just applied this to the centre to give my lips a slight more pouted effect. 

This is the finished makeup look. As I said at the beginning, this is definitely going to be the look I do for Christmas as it's just really pretty and shimmery for the festive season!
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!
I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and found it quite helpful for what makeup look you are going to do for Christmas or even just for around the season. Of course, you don't have to do the complete look, you could just take certain parts from it to try out. If you do happen to try this look then post a picture on twitter or instagram with the #UrbanChristmasLook and tag me in it(my links are below) and ill be sure to see them! 
Thankyou for reading 

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Mini Makeup Haul!

Hi  guys! Soo.. This weekend I went to town with one of my friends and even though I was supposed to be shopping for Christmas presents I may of accidently took a little look in boots, topshop and superdrug and well.. Spent most of my money on presents for myself instead!
I did resist buying too much however I bought a few items and thought I would do a small haul seen as though the items I bought are going to be my new favourites(I can already tell)
On the Saturday I went up to Aintree to pick up a few gifts and whilst I was in there I picked up two things.
One of these items was the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I'm such a huge lover of the Real Techniques brushes and have been for a while. I've been wanting a makeup sponge so that when I'm doing my foundation for school, it will be more natural so when I saw that Real Techniques were doing one it was the perfect time to get one. However, each time I've been in to any local drug stores there hasn't been any but when I went in there were a few left so I decided to pick one up. It is so soft and even though I've only used it a few times it is really good so far.

Whilst in boots I also picked up Perrie's nail  varnish from Little Mix's range for Collection. I already have Perrie's lipstick and it is such a nice colour and well pigmented so I decided to pick up  the nail varnish as it looks like the perfect colour for winter time.  It is a burgundy/plum shade with a glossy finish.

Then, on Sunday I went shopping again in town. I bought another 3 items whilst I was there.
In superdrug, the first counter I went to was Sleek as I have been looking for a new blusher and they have such a wide range of shades to pick from. Instead of getting just a blusher, I ended up getting the face form palette which has a bronzer, highlighter and blush. The blush is a perfect dupe to Nars Orgasm which is a oranged toned pink with iridescent glitters in and also the bronzer is very similar to Benefit Hoola. I got mine in  the lightest palette as I am very pale but they have 4 different shades.

The second thing I bought was the Collection, lasting perfection concealer. I have heard so many youtubers and bloggers talk about how good this concealer is but I have never tried it myself. This concealer must be popular though because every time I've looked around for it, it has usually been out of stock so when I saw it this time I decided to just buy it. After buying it I must say I'm glad to have joined the band wagon. It's such a good under eye concealer as it is brightening yet it is also good for any spots or blemishes as it is quite high coverage. I again had to get the lightest shade in this also.

Finally, the last shop I went into was topshop. Although you would associate topshop for clothing, it also sells makeup which is in fact really good. I own 2 lipsticks, a lip liner and cream blush and have had other items from there previously and they have all been really good. I wasn't going to buy anything however I had been looking for a new liquid eyeliner for a while since mine ran out and as I had never tried it before I decided to give topshop's one a go. I haven't tried it yet properly but seen as though the slight line I drew on my hand only came off yesterday after washing my hands about 1000 times I think it's safe to say that it doesn't budge much!

Soo this is everything in this short little haul. I know it's not too much but I thought I would just show you these few items and also because I haven't done a blog for a while and felt like one was needed! I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you want to then feel free to ask any questions as comments below or tweet me.. My links are below

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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Gift Ideas!

Hi guys! So I just want to start off with a disclaimer. In no way, shape or form am I trying to boast or brag in this blog post. Although I am showing what I received for my birthday I am more so doing this blog as Christmas is approaching and I thought it may give some people ideas of what to get for someone or what to ask for... Or some people just like to have a nose at what others get(like me) so I thought this would be quite interesting. I'm also only going to show the beauty bits I got because I know most people who read my blog are more interested in that rather than everything. After a lot of rambling, I'm finally going to get started!

So.. Being a huge makeup lover the main thing I asked my dad for was a MAC eyeshadow palette. This is a great gift for anyone into eyeshadow because you don't have to buy it complete, you can gradually add eyeshadows and make it exactly how you want it. Along with my palette, my dad also got me 4 eyeshadows I had asked for and my friend also got me another.
Following with the MAC items, I also asked him for a 217 brush as this is often talked about by any makeup youtuber or blogger for being the best blending brush. From hearing that I thought it would be the perfect brush to start my collection.
Another friend also got me MAC crème cup lipstick which I had been after for ages.
 Just to show what shades I got
I also received even more makeup off my other friends. Off one friend I got a Benefit lipgloss set, another I got an EOS lipbalm and Essie Fiji, a hair care kit from another, a HD brow kit from my auntie and a smashbox trial set which is amazing may I add!
HD brow palette:Vamp
A really good gift if your unsure on what to get is a book.. Although, not just any book, try seeing what they're into and getting a book to do with it. If there into fashion or makeup then there is a ton of great books to get. I received Alexa Chung 'IT' and Lauren Conrad's Beauty book as these are two huge idols of mine!
Another gift that isn't 100% beauty related but I'm still going to add is a Pandora woven bracelet which I received from my dad. I thought I'd add this because it's such a good gift idea as you can then add charms to it, plus it's gorgeous!
 Thanks for reading, I hope it's given you a few gift ideas and if you liked it then be sure to leave a comment below saying what you liked or if you have any questions!
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