Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A Few of my Favourite... Lip Products!

Hey guys! So here's my monthly favs and for this month I'm doing lip products because I find in the winter I'm always swapping lip colours and looking for good ones that aren't too drying because chap lips aren't the most attractive! I've picked out my top 5 that are a few different colours ranging from nude to berry but I'm not doing them in any specific order!

I'm going to start with the darkest shade, this one is from topshop called 'Called Up' and has quite a glossy finish but not as much as lipgloss and it also has a lot more pigmentation than a gloss. This, for me, is my perfect dark berry lip however it looks lighter on camera than in real life. Topshop's lipsticks are definitely some of my favourites especially for the price!

This next one if one of Miss Tanya Burr's liplosses called 'Vampire Kiss' and I love it, it is definitely my favourite red shade because although it is quite opaque it is still also sheer enough to not be too intense. It can be built up though to make a pretty glossy red which I love on! Again it looks a lot lighter on camera than in actual person plus I love all of Tanya's lipglosses, they are all gorgeous.

Next is probably my most used lipstick since I got it, Mac's 'Velvet Teddy'. It is the perfect matte nude/brown/pink, the only way I can describe it is like the perfect Kylie Jenner 90's lip colour. This is my favourite lipstick to use because it goes with any makeup look to tie it all together.

This is a fairly new lip colour for me but it's quickly becoming a favourite, it is Soap&Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker in the shade 'Charm Offensive'. It is a mauvey pink shade that is sort of gossy but also can look quite matte plus it stays on all day! I love this for a my lip but better colour!

Finally we have this quite sheer nude colour from seventeen called 'Beehive' which I love because it is so hydrating but it also adds just the perfect amount of colour to the lips for an everyday colour. It is quite a nude shade but with a subtle pink/peach undertone. 

And that is all of them, my favourite 5 lip  products however, this was such a tough decision because I love almost every lip colour I own and I'm always switching them up so it is more than likely I will have 5 new favourites soon!
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Thursday, 18 December 2014

My 'Go To Makeup' Look

Hey guys! I think it's been quite a while since I done my last 'everday makeup.' In fact, I think it was in February and my makeup has definitely changed since then! However, I thought instead of doing another 'no makeup, makeup look' I would do a more dressy look that I always do of a weekend and I've gave two lip options at the end. A Kylie Jenner inspired lip look and a Wintery dark lip!

So this is the look I went for! It's a really simple defined eye with winged liner, dewy skin and quite a heavy contour and then this is the first lip option with the slightly overdrawn lip, mauve tone and matte shade.

For the eyes all I used was the Naked basic palette, the light shades over the lids and then the matte brown through the crease, then I used some liquid liner for a winged look and used the black shade over to slightly blend it in. Contour was my usual mac harmony an brows was my usual mac brun with benefit gimme brow through them to tame the hairs! Then to top the look off I used Loreal lip liner, mac velvet teddy and then sleek matte me lip cream over the top and voilaa.. It's really that simple!

So this is lip option one which is a great option if you want to add a little something but you don't want to go too daring like the next colour. The slightly overdrawn lip adds some dimension and the matte shade is perfect to accentuate this. It's a sort of 'your lips but better' look and I'm obsessed with it at the minute! 

And this is the second lip option, a sort of berry red lip using mac Hang-up and a sleek gloss me lipgloss over the top which is a dark shimmery purple. I think these two colours paired together make the perfect dark winter lip which I love wearing every now and again( when I'm feeling brave enough!)

That's it, I love this makeup look because the eyes are quite simple so you could wear any lip colour with it but these are just two of my favourite. I also love the contoured look at the minute so if you have any good contour products you can recommend me then please do because I always use the same one!

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New palettes..

Hey guys! So me and two of my internet friends send each other Christmas presents each year and I received mine yesterday and instantly wanted to do a blog post. I got two palettes, one eyeshadows and one blushers from the brand Revolution(I think that's the brand name) They are so pretty so I thought I'd do some swatches because they are actually really good quality too, I've already tried them!
I'm not actually too sure on the names of the palettes but I'm thinking the blusher one is called Ultra Blush Palette and the eyeshadow palette is called What You Waiting For? but I will check and link both palettes below because you should check them out, I'm sure there's loads of other shade palettes too.

These are the shades in the eyeshadow palette, there's 12 shimmered shades and 6 matte shades which are all quite neutral. They sort of remind me of a mixture of all the Urban Decay Naked palettes.

Left-right: We Love You, Tick Tock, Can't Find the Brake
We Love You: A light, very shimmery, yellow toned gold-perfect highlight shade
Tick Tock: A more orangey toned gold that's a bit darker then the previous
Can't Find the Brake: A rusted gold shade

Left-right: Moving Car, Do It Alone, Sex Chromosome
Moving Car: A light pink shimmered tone
Do It Alone: Similar to Can't Find the Brake but darker
Sex Chromosome: A deep purple/black with lighter purple shimmmer

Left-right: Now it's Only Me, Scary Conversation, Take A Chance
Now it's Only Me: A light silver shimmery shade
Scary Conversation: A pure bright gold- my favourite!
Take A Chance: A rosey pink with silver shimmer

Left-right: Shut My Eyes, Stupid H..., Life is Short
Shut My Eyes: A very light coppery tone
Stupid H...: A copper shade with brown and silver shimmers
Life is Short: A deep slightly shimmered black

Left-right: Your Capable, Super Hot Female, Million Dollar Contract
Your Capable: A matte, creamy white
Super Hot Female: A skin toned matte shade-sort of a your lids but better..
Million Dollar Contract: A light mauve shade

Left-right: Hot Track, Brand New Fans, Wicked Style
Hot Track: A darker mauve shade
Brand New Fans: A camel brown shade-perfect for in the crease
Wicked Style: A dark matte black

These are the blusher shades, there are two matte ones, four shimmers and then two marble affect ones.

The blusher don't actually have a name so I'll just number them. These are the top row from left-right: 1, 2, 3, 4
1: It looks quite peachy on this but I'd say it's more of a dusty rose shade that's matte
2: A light peachy shade with a little bit of shimmer
3: A true pink blush with silver shimmers-sort of a Barbie shade
4: A light marbled shade with a slight pink hue- could be used as a highlight

Left-right: 5, 6, 7, 8
5: An orange shimmery shade
6: Another dusty rose colour but slightly lighter than 1 and with shimmer
7: A light matte pink shade 
8: A marbled dark rosey pink with a lot of shimmer

And that is both palettes! They are both super pretty, affordable and good quality. They are perfect for travelling as they can be used in many different ways to create different looks and the packaging is relatively small to carry around!

You can purchase the palettes online(I'm not sure where else) but I have links to the online website
For the eye palette click here
For the blush palette click here
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Thursday, 11 December 2014

My Birthday Gifts

Hey guys! Sorry this is a little bit late but tonight is the first chance I've had to get this post done but at least I'm still getting it up! Before I start I just want to say in no way am I trying to brag but I know a lot of people, like me, love to see what people got for their birthday and find it useful for ideas.
Also, I thought I would just show you the more fashion/beauty bits because I'm guessing that's what you would be more into.

Grey with gold hardware purse- River Island
Grey with gold hardware bag- River Island

Candy Cane Lane candle- Yankee Candle
Fireside Treats candle- Yankee Candle

Cheeky Sweet Spot set- Benefit
Gimme Brow- Benefit

Naked 2 Palette- Urban Decay
Naked Basic Palette- Urban Decay

Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask- The Body Shop
All-in-One BB Cream- The Body Shop
All-in-One Instablur- The Body Shop

Polaroid Instax Mini- Fujifilm 
Polaroid photo album- Amazon
Polaroid coloured film- Amazon(came with album)

Cream snakeprint purse- River Island

Single grey woven bracelet- Pandora

Hope, love and Faith charm- Pandora
Crown charm- Pandora
Sixteen charm- Pandora

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Clothes Show Live

Hey Guys, sorry it's been a while but school is just taking over my life at the minute! However, this weekend I went down to Clothes Show Live in Birmingham and it was so good, I had the best time! So I thought I would do a blog post of some of my favourite looks from the catwalk because I took a heck load of photos(probably too many) although I actually forgot my camera so these photos are all off my phone. 

Before I get onto the fashion though.. can we just discuss how good Stereo Kicks sound live, they were actually so good when opening the show. Plus, how can you not love a good boy band?!

The first part of the show(the outfits are all in sections depending on the theme) was mainly about having fun and experimenting with bold colours and patterns, well that's how I would describe it, these two looks were definitely my fav!

The second theme was all about the working men and women of the world who still want to look smart but also fashionable. Instead of wearing the basic suit these looks are for those who want to stand out.

These next outfits are all based from a winter wonderland theme, they remind me of Narnia from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe but they all look so majestic and gorgeous, especially the white witch!

As you can probably tell, these outfits were all inspired by the theme park and they weren't so much my taste as they were very bold and stand out which explains the lack of photos, sorry.

Even though it is winter, these models braved it up and modelled the swimwear which looked so pretty, I also threw in some topless males for you lot... 

So these outfits sort of reminded me of a mixture of America in the 20's with the flapper style dresses but also of the disco period which I loved, I think the outfits looked so chic and the dancing models absolutely got their disco on!

Fianlly, the last theme was sort of like a dark powering man but with powerful females taken over too, the only way I can describe it is like an evil twisted but fashionable theme but it was my fav! You might be able to tell by the amount of photos, I loved these outfits because of the darkness, I think it looked incredible!

And that was the show, I loved the day and it was such a good experience, I think if your interested in fashion then you will absolutely love going here. For my first fashion show I was so impressed, it exceeded my expectations!!
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