Monday, 20 January 2014

The Most Beautiful Palette Ever

Hey guys!! So if you can't tell from the title already I'm a little bit(just a tiny bit..) in love with the product I'm doing this blog post on. I received mine as a gift for Christmas and was immediately in love with how pretty it was and could not wait to have a go at using it! I'll stop teasing now and say what it is that I am in love with... The Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay!!! 

I already have the 1st palette and I absolutely love that(I don't have the 2nd yet, hopefully soon) but this one just has such a gorgeous range of colours that are completely different to the 1st palette.  
This palette came in a hard rose gold coloured metal case with a large mirror inside, the 12 rose-hued neutral shade eye shadows, a double ended eye shadow brush and a sample of the Urban Decay eye primers. 
Eeeekkk!! It's sooo pretty!
The 12 shades(from left to right) are: Strangle, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside and Blackout. There are 3 matte shades and 9 shimmer, some are more shimmered than others.

Strangle: a perfect matte highlight colour! A white shade with very pale pink undertones and very pigmented.
Dust: a gorgeous rose pink shimmer with silvery flex's of glitter
Burnout: a more nude shimmer with golden pink tones.

Strangle                        Dust                     Burnout 
Limit: another matte colour but this time a  mauve/greyish shade and again very pigmented.
Buzz: one of my favourite shades, a gorgeous dark rose colour with silver shimmer.
Trick: The only pure golden shade. It is more of a rose gold shimmer than a bright gold.

Limit                 Buzz                 Trick
Nooner: the last matte shade. This one is a darker shade than the others, I'd say it is quite grey but as it has a sort of velvet finish it looks as though it has burgundy undertones
Liar: a very shimmered, golden/copper colour.
Factory: a less shimmered and more brown undertone version of Liar. Those two would work perfect together.

Nooner        Liar           Factory
Mugshot: quite similar to the previous two but a more copper shade with more shimmer.
Darkside: a matte/velvet dark mauve shade. It is quite matte but with a velvet finish when applied.
Blackheart: very shimmered black with purple and silver flex's of glitter in. Amazing for a shimmered eye liner.

Mugshot           Darkside            Blackheart

So that was my review/ description of the Naked 3 Palette! I can't recommend this palette enough, it is absolutely stunning and the shades work all year time. In fact, all of Urban Decay's products are amazing and although they may seem slightly pricey, they are totally worth the price! I've had my Naked 1 palette since summer and used it quite a lot yet none are anywhere near hitting panel, they've only just got a dent in. All their products are also very well pigmented so you don't  have to apply too much product. 
I hope you have enjoyed this blog and if you have the palette then you will feel me when I show how much I love it and if you haven't then go check it out but warning... You may fall in love with it too!!
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Love Liv xxxx

Sunday, 19 January 2014


Hey Guys! So not long ago, as most of you will know, it was Christmas which meant straight afterwards almost every shop has a sales on. As I love to shop anyway,  me and my friends waited till new years eve as it is less busy and then we took a trip to town to see what we could get and for me it was quite a successful shopping trip. Most of the stuff I bought I haven't worn yet but I'm sure I will so before I wore them I thought I would do a small haul of what I bought.

The first shop we went into was Primark as I had bought a dress a few weeks before but didn't like it so it had to be returned. Whilst in there I decided to look around to see if there was anything I could swap it for.
I firstly picked up this black slightly cropped top. It has a sort of tapestry print on the front in a shinier material rather than the matte black colour of the rest of the top. It is actually such a pretty top considering it was only £5

The other thing I bought in Primark was a grey knitted jumper. It is also cropped but because I bought it a size too big it isn't too cropped. I love how cosy this is as well and how it goes with everything.

The next shop we went into is one of my favourite shops ever... Topshop! Whenever there is a sale in Topshop I feel like it is necessary to go in because usually their sales are amazing and as per usual, it was!
Fristly, I picked up this quilted sweatshirt that, if you watch youtubers then, you may of saw it on Zoe aka Zoella! She has one in pink but whilst in there I saw it in grey, white and navy but having just bought a grey jumper and being very dozy and often spilling things I decided to go for navy. It isn't too thick so it will be wearable in spring too.

Next, I also bought this off white dress. It is a skater style dress with 3/4 length sleeves and a turtle neck with quite a quilted texture, similar to the jumper I bought too. It falls just on the knee depending on how tall you are, I'm quite small so it would probably be just above the knee on others.

The final shop I went into was Zara because for quite a while I've been in love with a top from there which I saw on Perrie Edwards(from Little Mix) however it was around £40 which I didn't really want to spend. When online though I saw that the top was on sale for £20 but they didn't have my size. Whilst in town I thought it was worth a try to look which I'm glad I did because they had one in store and it was my size! It is a grey based crop top with orange and yellow detailed flower pattern. It is so pretty! 

I thought I would just add one more item that I bought Christmas Eve to wear Christmas. It was also on sale from Oasis and it is this black top with a slight peplum at the bottom and has a peter pan collar with cream lace. I wore it on Christmas with a black skater skirt and have also wore it with tartan trousers too.

Sorry if this post was a bit rambly but I haven't done a haul post in so long and I thought it might be a good idea.. I think the last one I did was in summer so definitely a long time ago! I hope you have enjoyed this style blog and if you have any requests then don't forget to tweet me, my links are always down below! 
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Thursday, 16 January 2014

New Year..

Heys guys! I know I'm probably the last to say this but.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Sorry that it's been so long but I just recently went back to school and I've been busy with work for school and several things I'm doing this year so I haven't had a chance to sit down and write a blog post. Now that I
finally have a chance though, I thought I would do a post that ties in with the theme of new year! I've never really set myself any new years resolutions because I know I would fail and never complete them so this year I thought instead I would just set myself some things I'd like to do that will make my year 1000 times better!

Be Myself!

This may seem a little bizarre because being yourself to most people is obvious however, I've noticed that over the past years sometimes I do change how I act or how I am when I'm around certain people. It's as though I feel the need to act similar to them so that I fit in better but I've learnt now that there's nothing better than being yourself! If someone is going to like you then they should like you for being yourself, not someone else.

Think Positively!

I will admit, I am really bad for leaving something if it's not going right. If something bad happens or if I can't do something then I tend to give in and it's not a good thing. Where am I going to get in life if I give up at the first hurdle with everything? Nowhere! So from now on I'm going to try my best to think positively, not just give in and say 'I can't' because even if it does take a million tries, I will get there eventually.

Live A Healthier Life!

Most people would have 'diet' as their new years resolution but for me that is practically impossible because me and diets just don't go well. Instead, I decided to live a healthier life style so I'm going to try and pick healthy options in everything I do. When I'm eating I'm going to try and pick something like fruit or veg instead of cakes and chips. I'm going to walk to more places instead of getting a lift. I'm going to drink more water instead of fizzy drinks.Instead of restricting myself from everything, I'll still eat it but in moderate proportions so I have a healthy balanced diet! Everything I do is going to be for myself so that I can become the best version of me.   

Through the year I'm going to try my best to do these 3 main things! I've also set small goals including trying to upload blog posts a lot more! If your exactly like me and never stick to new year resolutions then perhaps setting yourself some goals for the year is better. And remember.. No one can put you down! You are your own person so live your life exactly how you want to and don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd because being unique is what makes you yourself! 
I know this has been a different style post for me but my friend Saoirse done a blog similar to this and it really inspired me so I'll link hers here so you can check it out. 

I hope 2014 is an amazing year for you all!!

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