Sunday, 29 June 2014

Tanya Burr's Lip gloss..

Hey guys! It feels like ages since I last wrote a blog post, probably because it was! I've had quite a few exams over the past few weeks so I've been spending my time focusing on them and kind of neglected my blog but I'm back now!!
If your a complete youtube addict like me then you've probably heard or Tanya Burr who recently brought out her own collection of nail varnishes and lip glosses online and in superdrug.  Being a  huge fan of  her myself I really wanted  to get a few of her bits but whenever I went into superdrug, they were sold out. Finally, however,  I've managed to get 4 of her lip glosses and I am so glad because they are actually amazing.
The pigmentation and colour pay off from these lip glosses is incredible, they are quite opaque but not as harsh as a lipstick may be so they're perfect for summer. They're  also quite long lasting so you don't have to worry about fixing it every 10 minutes or checking it. I don't think they're too sticky either which you often find with long lasting lip glosses. They are actually incredible for the amount which I  believe is £7.99. You may think this is quite steep but if you compare it to other drugstore lip glosses, it''s reasonable. I'll definitely be going back for more.. I'll probably end up with the whole collection!
I got the colours 'let's travel the world', 'chic', 'exotic island' and 'vampire kiss'

Chic is a brownish nude with a slight peach undertone. It is really similar to champagne toast by Tanya also but doesn't  have any shimmer in whereas champagne toast has small specks of glitter in. It is lovely to apply alone or over a nude for a 'my lips but better' effect.

Exotic island is such a stunning colour! It is a bright fuchsia pink with a slight purple effect.  It looks amazing with tanned skin and is a great colour for summer to just add a pop of colour. If your not daring enough to go for a bright lipstick then this is a great way to ease in as it's not too opaque.

Vampire Kiss is the perfect colour for autumn/winter as it's  a deep toned red with a gorgeous glossy finish. This is probably the most opaque out of the 4 I bought so it looks perfect alone or if you want to darken it even more then layer over a deeper red or even purple for a ombre lip!

Lets travel the world is probably my favourite out of the 4. It is a gorgeous corally red with orange undertones and it just perfect for summer. It goes with everything so is really wearable and can either be quite sheer for just a slight colour or layered to give an amazing pop or orange.. I love it!!

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