Friday, 29 August 2014

Magic Water

Hey guys! Makeup is one thing I personally couldn't go without and I know many other women feel the exact same way! However, the effort to actually take off your makeup can be a pain even though we know the importance to care for our skin. I'm guilty of being lazy and using wipes to remove my makeup but I know it's wrong. Scrubbing mascara off using a wipe can cause your lashes to fall out and also damage the sensitive skin around your face plus, wipes don't always leave your skin clean and fresh as they can leave a residue over your face. It may seem to be the quick option but it isn't the best option..

So to avoid using wipes and damaging your skin, I've found a product that could possibly be my new favourite thing! I began using Garnier Micellar water around a month ago and now I can see why it is the holy grail makeup remover for all beauty addicts! All it takes is a few drops on a cotton pad to remove a full face of makeup plus it only takes a few seconds. No scrubbing, rubbing or rinsing as the product is mainly water based it rinses whilst removing.

This product contains no perfume which makes it suitable for people who have sensitive skin. As there is no rubbing needed because of the micellar technology which therefore means there's no irritation fir the skin making it the perfect makeup remover for all skin types!

Not only is this a great product, it's also a really affordable. It can be found in boots for around £5 which is a bargain as Bioderma's water is £10 for 250ml whereas this is 400ml! It also claims to have 200 uses in the bottle which I think it may as you hardly need any product at all. Overall this is just a great product for everybody and I would 100% recommend it!!
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