Sunday, 21 September 2014

Circus fun!

Hey guys! I literally just got in but I thought I'd do a blog post now so I don't forget. I just went to my 'first' circus. I say 'first' because my mum and auntie took me to the circus when I was younger but I spent the whole time pretending I was asleep apparently as I was scared and didn't want to watch... Typical me!
However, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I was a bit worried about going as I don't really like clowns and I assumed a circus was just clowns but this one definitely wasn't, it was more like an acrobatic show. It was one of the best things I've saw and had me speechless almost the whole time due to some of the stuff the acts done! I took quite a few photos during the show of all the different acts but I didn't take my camera so these are off my phone so apologies for the poor quality...

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American Goodies!!

Hey guys! Last week my granddad flew over to America as his sister(my auntie) lives over there so he went over to visit and of course I had to do a small list of some things I was wanting.. 
He came home on Thursday with my things so I thought I'd do a haul of everything I got because the majority are beauty items.

Of course my list had to involve some MAC seen as though it is way cheaper over there! Plus, there's been a few things I've had my eye on anyway..

First thing that popped into my head was Mac pro longwear concealer. I've heard so many beauty guru's rave about it and wanted to get my hands on it myself and knowing I'm so pale, I knew the lightest shade would be perfect for a subtle undereye highlight and to hide any dark circles.

I also wanted to try Mac Fluidline Brow Gelcreme as I've saw Shannon of shaaanxo using it and loving it so much so I really wanted to give it a go as I always just use a powder. I love really dark and strong brows so I opted so the darkest shade and I've only used it once but I can see why she loves it, it literally gives you a perfect brow!

Lately, everyone has been loving a good Kylie Jenner lip and I'll admit I'm also partial to the overdrawn lip but I've been struggling trying to find the perfect lip colour until I heard that the actual lip colour she uses is Mac's Velvet Teddy so of course it went on the list and oh my gosh I've been loving it! It's a matte shade and sort of a light coffee brown but has pinky shades which makes it perfect.

Finally from Mac, I thought I'd ask for two new eyeshadows as I'd say Tanya Burr using them quite a lot a while ago and they looked so pretty either alone or paired together for a slight smokey eye. The two shades are Naked Lucnh and Satin Taupe.

Living in the UK means we don't have a Bath&Body Works which is kinda upsetting because every scent candle on the website just sounds so good! So whilst over there I decided to ask for a few bits.

I know this first one looks like a lot but they are miniature. I'd ask for some miniature hand sanitizers but as I'd never smelt them I just thought I'd ask for any scent so my auntie ended up getting me ten different ones and they all smell amazing!

Also from there, as Autumn is my favourite season, I'd asked for two of their miniature candles from the Autumn range and they both smell so good! My favourite has to be Marshmallow fireside, it's like a mix of sweet and toasted marshmallow... yum.

My auntie also picked up a set of two miniature candles and hand sanitizer's which are also from the Autumn collection and are all lovely! They remind me of sitting in Starbucks with the smell of coffee.

The final thing I asked for was Eos lip balm because they are my ultimate favourite lip balm as they are the only thing that stop my lips from being chapped plus they smell incredible(you may notice I love scented things!) However, they are quite hard to find in the UK and cost triple the amount as they do in the US

So that's everything! If you want an in-depth review of anything then be sure to let me know so once I've used everything a few times I can tell you what I think of them properly!
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Sunday, 14 September 2014

School survivals..

Hey guys! So I know the majority of you probably hate the topic of school however it's something we all have to do and go through so I thought, since it's back to school time for most of you, I'd do a little post with some tips and things that might help make your school years a bit more enjoyable...maybe.

For me, it's my last year of school now as I plan to go to college so it's not even like I'm staying on for 6th form which is a bit of a scary thought but it does mean there's more reason for me to just enjoy myself. Although the concept of school sounds so boring, it can actually be more enjoyable than you'd think! 

I think the first main thing that can help you to enjoy school is friends.. And I don't mean the fake ones, they're a big no. Your friends are supposed to be people who boost your confidence and make you happy, not people who make you feel like rubbish constantly! It may take a while to find someone or a group of people who you can just be yourself with but when you do you will know it. Friends are people you instantly click with and that's why they're so amazing.
Secondly,  even though we all hate it, homework and work in general is actually really important. You may be in your first year of secondary school and be thinking it's fine to just leave everything till last minute or mess around but then when you come to your last year you will be so stressed out and  regret it. Homework is best done when you get it and the you can forget about it, plus then it won't all start building up.
Finally, school isn't all about work and being stressed or annoyed.. School takes up almost all of your teen years so you shouldn't be wasting them away. Make memories during these years. Do things that you can look back on in years and smile about because your happy you did it. Don't be that person who looks back and says 'I wish I'd done that' because you'll seriously regret it.
Basically, the ways to survive school is to be organised, have fun and enjoy it. I know everyone says it and it's such a cliché but school could honestly be the best years of your life and you don't want to look back at something that should have been enjoyed and see yourself hating every minute of it. Being in my last year kind of upsets me in a way because I know I'll miss my friends and my time here but it also excites me for the future.. 
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