Friday, 31 October 2014

Last Minute Halloween Makeup!

Hey guys! I've already done a simple versatile halloween makeup look a week ago but I decided to do two more really simple looks that you can just throw together today as all you need is some makeup and your costume's could be so simple.
The first look was inspired by Shaaanxo so I'll leave her video linked below the photos so you can watch that to see exactly  what to do. In her look she used silver but I decided to use bronze colours as I had more shades of bronze than silver. 

Before the actual face makeup, I done my eyes which were really simple. I just used two dark matte browns through the crease and under the eye. Then I used a Barry M dazzle dust in 44, which is a pure gold shimmer, with Mac fix plus so it didn't drop down everywhere and applied it to the lid blending it with the brown too.  

So,  then for the face makeup I used 17 wild metallic eyes in wild bronze, these are just cream shadow bases and I applied it using a real techniques foundation brush is a mask like shape(You'll see clearer in the photos) Now to make it even more shimmery, I used the same dazzle dust as the eyes over the majority of it before using another dazzle dust in 27 which is a light silvery/gold colour and applied it to the highlights of the face so down the nose, under the eyes and on the top of the cheekbones and also in the centre of my forehead. Finally, used a dazzle dust in 97 which is a black with gold flexs of glitter and I used this to contour around the edges at the side and slightly blended it in to look smoky, I also took it down the sides of my nose and slightly in the temples. You can top it off with any colour lips. 
This look would work for either a good or bad angel and then you could just wear a white dress with wings or a black dress with dark wings and black tights and you'd be sorted!

The next look is also really simple! For the eyes you can basically do anything as long as it's quite dark so I just blended mainly black shades over the lid quite messily as it doesn't really matter on it's  neatness. Then for the face makeup all you need is a black and silver eyeliner, liquid does work better I found. So all you do is draw 6 straight lines coming from the eye outwards and quite spread apart as it's going to be the beginning of a spiders web. Once you've done it in black you can then go over these lines in silver and thicken them out a little. Using the black liner, you then want to draw curved lines going inwards from one line to the other. Continue to do this for each line until they are all joined and then repeat the action getting further in and as you get closer to your eye the lines should get smaller and closer together. To finish the look you can go over the outside curve with silver if you want and add a dot of silver or you could use gems to the very end of each of your straight lines. Complete with any colour lip, I done silver with black liner around the edge to keep it quite dark.
For your outfit you could go out and buy a witches outfit with spiders or webs on or you can just wear all black to keep it simple.

And that is everything! I hope it's helpful for anyone who stuck for last minute options. As I said before I've already done a look that's quite versatile and more pretty than full on makeup so I'll link that here and I also done a cat look last year so I'll link that here
If your celebrating Halloween this year then I hope you have an amazing time..
Happy Halloween!!
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Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Few Of My Favourite... Female Youtubers

Hey guys! So I had this idea the other day to start doing monthly favourite posts but I didn't want it to be your regular monthly favs, I wanted to put a twist on it. I thought what I'd do is a sort of series and pick a topic each month and pick favourites from that topic. I hope that actually makes sense hahah! Now, this month, seens though they take up pretty much all my time, my first topic for the series is female youtubers! Let me just say, this took a lot of narrowing down to pick my favourites and that's why it's just females for this one because I have so many! However I have narrowed it down to 7..

Firstly, I thought I'd do the more well known youtubers who you've probably all heard about.

Tanya Burr.

Tanya was the first ever youtuber I subscribed to about two years ago maybe. I love watching her makeup tutorials and I always have, she is incredibly talented! When she brought out her lip glosses and nail varnishes I felt so proud and to see her doing so well now to expand her line with lashes is amazing. I'm so happy to have watched her grow. 

Louise Pentland

Louise is someone who I admire so much, she has a child but still continues to make videos which never fail in making me smile. She's probably the one person who has gave me so much more confidence and I love how her videos are never boring to watch. 

Zoe Sugg

Now we have Zoe, aka Zoella. Even though she is probably one of the most well known youtubers, she is still so down to earth and exactly how she was when I first started watching her. It still shocks me now when I see her advert on TV and her beauty products in shops. She is an amazing role model and I love how she's so honest to her viewers.

Shannon Harris

Shannon is an Australian youtuber who puts so much effort into  her videos and uploads so frequently. Her makeup tutorials are amazing  and she has so much talent, I wish I could do makeup like her! 

Now a few youtubers who I think deserve so much more notice than they get!

Tess Christine

I absolutely love how much effort Tess puts into her get the look videos. They are always so on point and incredible. I also love her DIY videos, she is honestly so creative and pretty. The amount of effort she puts in her videos is beyond believable!

Gracie Francesca

Gracie is definitely my style crush, I wish I had her wardrobe and the confidence to wear it! Her weight loss is incredible and she looks so amazing now(not that she didn't before) but her body just looks so good now. I'm constantly looking at her twitter to see her outfits!

Emma Johnson

And finally, probably one of my favourite yotubers, Emma! Her makeup tutorials are incredible and I could happily sit and watch her videos all day. She 100% deserves more recognition for her work because her videos are fab. It baffles me why she doesn't have millions of subscibers! I absolutely love her!! 

So there my fav female youtubers! If your into beauty, fashion or lifestyle videos then I'd definitely recommend these girls because they are all so incredible. They are amazing role models and people I look up to so much! 
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Friday, 24 October 2014

Versatile Halloween Makeup

Hey guys! It's almost Halloween which means it's time to get creative with your makeup, hair, outfit, everything basically. However, it is  hard to think of what to be and it's even harder to do makeup to fit the brief especially if makeup is quite new to you. So I've done a look that is quite simple, affordable and can be used for several looks. You could use it to be a witch, cat, vampire  or spider/bat because you can put your on twist on it for each!

For this makeup you can just do your basic foundation/concealer routine beforehand and then go straight onto the eyes. For brows I  used my Mac dipbrow in dark brunette to get a  really strong a bold brow. I used  a quad from avon because it had the perfect colours. I started by applying the silver over the whole lid and then dipped a flat eyeshadow brush into water and used it to apply the navy, applying it from halfway across the eye in a thick cat eye flick. Then I used the navy from the 17 duo and used that to blend in the navy before using the dark purple quite heavily through the crease. All I done then was repeat this until it was dark enough before applying a line of black eyeliner on the waterline ad took it slightly into the tear duct to give a stronger cat eye effect.  I finished by blending the two navy shades quite low under the eyes, added liner to the water line and put on a load of mascara(you could put lashes on). I then applied a heavy contour using solar powder from soap and glory and also Mac's harmony blush. Finishing the look I then used Mac's hang up lipstick to give it a more vampy look but any dark colour would work.

And it's that simple! All this look involves you doing is layering and blending until you get it exactly how you want and then you can have it as intense as you please. I done mine quite dark because it is Halloween after all! You could even change up the colours on the eyes and use black instead or grey if you don't have a navy.
With the flash on.
Without the flash.
Happy Halloween!!
So that's the look! I actually really like how it turned out, I think it's perfect if you want to put in effort but not go over the top. Last year I done a full on cat look so you can click here if you want to see that but I thought this year I wouldn't go as full on so I hope you like it!
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Sunday, 19 October 2014


Hey guys! So I was debating whether to do this blog post or leave it but I decided to because for one I didn't want to not upload something this week and also because I just want to show you some pictures of how lovely my view was today. 
In Liverpool(where I'm from) we have a radio station called Radio City and where it is recorded there is a huge tower above it which is in the centre of the city centre. Anyway, today me and my family went up the tower for a tour and the view up there was incredible. It made Liverpool look beautiful, especially as the weather was nice for once!


These photos were taken on my phone so apologies if the quality isn't superb but I completely forgot to take my camera with me but hopefully they're not too bad!!
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Sunday, 12 October 2014

My Love For Marc

Hey guys! Any girl will know that when it comes to perfume you can get really fussy on what scent you like. I know for me I really don't like strong scented ones or ones that are too sweet, I prefer to go for something more florally but other people could be completely different. However, I know so many people love the Marc Jacobs scents and I 100% do as well, although I can't pick a favourite. I love all the 'daisy' scents. So when my dad went away, he picked up a set of miniatures from duty free and they are so cute! They are tiny but they are perfect handbag sized and amazing if you can't make up your mind which you prefer(like me)

The set includes the original daisy, daisy eau so fresh, daisy delight and daisy delight eau so fresh so you get a range of scents. I'd already smelt daisy eau so fresh as I've had a roll on of it twice because it's always been my favourite but now I can't decide between them all now. 

All the scents are quite similar but the two eau so fresh ones are a bit more floral and fresher whereas daisy original is stronger and daisy delight has more sweet undertones. Another thing to love about Marc Jacob's is the packaging, the lid always has flowers decorating it. How cute?!
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