Friday, 24 October 2014

Versatile Halloween Makeup

Hey guys! It's almost Halloween which means it's time to get creative with your makeup, hair, outfit, everything basically. However, it is  hard to think of what to be and it's even harder to do makeup to fit the brief especially if makeup is quite new to you. So I've done a look that is quite simple, affordable and can be used for several looks. You could use it to be a witch, cat, vampire  or spider/bat because you can put your on twist on it for each!

For this makeup you can just do your basic foundation/concealer routine beforehand and then go straight onto the eyes. For brows I  used my Mac dipbrow in dark brunette to get a  really strong a bold brow. I used  a quad from avon because it had the perfect colours. I started by applying the silver over the whole lid and then dipped a flat eyeshadow brush into water and used it to apply the navy, applying it from halfway across the eye in a thick cat eye flick. Then I used the navy from the 17 duo and used that to blend in the navy before using the dark purple quite heavily through the crease. All I done then was repeat this until it was dark enough before applying a line of black eyeliner on the waterline ad took it slightly into the tear duct to give a stronger cat eye effect.  I finished by blending the two navy shades quite low under the eyes, added liner to the water line and put on a load of mascara(you could put lashes on). I then applied a heavy contour using solar powder from soap and glory and also Mac's harmony blush. Finishing the look I then used Mac's hang up lipstick to give it a more vampy look but any dark colour would work.

And it's that simple! All this look involves you doing is layering and blending until you get it exactly how you want and then you can have it as intense as you please. I done mine quite dark because it is Halloween after all! You could even change up the colours on the eyes and use black instead or grey if you don't have a navy.
With the flash on.
Without the flash.
Happy Halloween!!
So that's the look! I actually really like how it turned out, I think it's perfect if you want to put in effort but not go over the top. Last year I done a full on cat look so you can click here if you want to see that but I thought this year I wouldn't go as full on so I hope you like it!
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