Thursday, 27 November 2014

Sweet Sixteen..

Hey guys! So this weekend I finally turned 16!! My plan was to do a post on my pre birthday and birthday meal but then I thought I might aswell just do a collective post of a few photos from the weekend, I'll still include my meals but I wanted to include some others too. Also,  I'm thinking of doing a 'what I got' post so if you'd like that then let me go, it might give you some inspiration for Christmas gifts!!
I spent the day before with my dads family and my actual birthday with my mums side just incase your wondering why I celebrated twice!
How cute are these cupcakes?!
Clearly embarrassed by everyone's singing..
Happy Birthday to me...
So I know this probably isn't a very interesting post to many but I really just wanted to post this for personal use, I had one of the best weekends of my life and I want to remember that and treasure it and now I have somewhere to look back at it!
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A Few of my Favourite... Male Youtubers!

Hey guys! So if you saw my post similar to this last month you'll know that instead of doing random monthly favs, I'm instead picking a category and doing one post dedicated to my favourite ones of those. Last month I done favourite female youtubers and I thought it was only right to do my favourite male youtubers this month!! So I have 5 favourites, I do have many more but I've narrowed it down, and I'd say all these youtubers are quite mainstream so you will have probably heard of them before.

Tyler Oakley

Where do I even begin, he is basically queen of youtube! His videos never fail in making me smile or laugh. I love how he works so closely to the trevor project and supports them all year round, he is such an icon for gay people. He is somebody for them to look up to and seek advice, even for people who aren't gay he is still a role model. How can you not love his 'Q and Slays' too?!

Alfie Deyes

I remember when I first watched Alfie and he came across so quiet and timid but now he seems so confident! I cannot believe how far he has came now, his video quality has also improved so much aswell as the content! He's also done so well to bring out a book, which may I add is actually so good, but overall I'd just say you can see how well he has done from watching old videos to now!

Marcus Butler

Like Alfie, I started watching Marcus around the same time and I feel he was the same,his videos have also improved so much and his content is definitely one of my favs. His videos make me laugh so much! I also love watching his vlog channel too and seeing what he's upto!

Troye Sivan

Even if your not into youtube, I'm sure you'll have heard of Troye! He started off as a little channel which began building and when he announced he was gay I think the whole youtube community supported him for being so honest, that video honestly made me cry because of how proud I felt for him! Then he made me even prouder when he released his ep TRXYE which is incredible! So, so proud of him!

Joe Sugg

And finally we have Joe, who might just be the most attractive youtuber.. But apart from that, he is such a good youtuber too. The majority of his videos have me laughing so much, especially his dares and pranks on poor Caspar! I know if I'm having a bad day that I can just sit and watch his videos and they never fail to cheer me up. From when he started to now you can see how well he's done even though he is just how he was when he begun!

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Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Body Shop Love

Hey guys! So if you watch any youtubers or read other blogs you'll have more than likely heared about the body shop's new makeup collection. They've brought out quite a few new products and after hearing Gabby aka Velvetgh0st rave about the instablur primer and BB cream I decided to try them out myself. 

I got the two products in a set so it worked out cheaper even though they are both full size products too. The BB cream comes out white and blends into the colour of your skin but you still have to pick a shade so I went for the palest as I'm pretty pale! I've only used it twice but I love it. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin what so ever and it's easily buildable to make the skin look flawless however I think it already has a good coverage. It also makes the skin feel really soft and nice. 

The primer, instablur, is also such a good product. It feels like a silicon based primer so if you prefer creamy primers then I wouldn't recommend this one but if you like both then this is perfect and I'd definitely say to try it out. I've used it about 5 times and each time my makeup has stayed on all day without budging at all! It maked the foundation go on so much easier and it even makes the foundation appear flawless. It is a perfect primer and definitely does the job. I love how it instantly dries matte so no need to worry about leaving it to soak in.

As the packaging says, this does give a flawless finish and I absolutely love both products!!
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Crown Jewels..

Hey guys! I've done a few hauls on this blog but not many and they are usually clothes or makeup hauls but I though I'd switch it up a bit and do a jewellery haul because I have a few new bits I've bought recently and wanted to show you what I got! I have actually bought a lot of new clothes recently too but clothing hauls take a while to photograph so that won't be up for a while until I have the time to photograph the bits.

So the first place I got some jewellery from was Primark, I love getting jewellery from there because it's so cheap but also really pretty. Plus the jewellery I like to wear is more so costume jewellery so it's perfect for me!
In there I bought this set of dainty necklaces which can either be worn alone or all together with the lengths all different so the look staggered. This was only £3 so it was really cheap and I think it looks great for just a subtle bit of sparkle because each necklace is quite plain anyway.

I also bought a pack of rings from Primark too which had 8 rings in(I think) that were a gold metal and some had blue and red gems in. They just looked really pretty and I loved the colours in them as they make them look more expensive as they were only £2.50! Some are normal size rings and some are midi rings so you get a mixture.

Then I went into Topshop and they had a sale on their jewellery so I got 3 things from there. The first was the gold long chain owl necklace which I think is so cute and unusual, I've never saw anything like it. It was supposed to be £10 but it was only £2.

I got another necklace from their too which is more of a gun mettle colour and this one is quite  unique too. Its a long  chain with the pendant part but they actually come apart so they can be moved about but I just really liked it because of how it looks when it's really long, plus this was only £2 too instead of £10.

And finally from Topshop I got a pair of earrings which remind me of the 1920's like the Great Gatsby. They are gold too and have green gems in and those colours remind me of Christmas! These were £2 too but I think they look more vintage and expensive.

And the last thing I bought is another necklace, I obviously seem to have an obsession with necklaces at the minute! This one was from a small market and it was £2.50 but this is probably the most stand out piece out of everything I bought. The stones are like a greyish black and the chain is gun metal colour too and it has draping chains at the bottom like tassels.

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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Cheeky Sweet Spot

Hey guys! Yesterday I received Benefit's Cheeky Sweet Spot gift set as an early birthday present and thought I'd  do a quick review of it because it is the perfect gift for Christmas, I love it! 

Basically, it is their 5 blushers, hoola bronzer and watt's up highlighter plus a miniature contour style brush in a tin box which may I add is so cute and super festive! Mine came in a gorgeous gift box too which I've actually kept because it is too pretty to bin.

The blushers in the set are smaller ones than normal but I wouldn't say they're miniatures as they are still quite big. There are the shades: dandelion, coralista, bella bamba, sugarbomb and rockateur. All the blushes are so pretty so it's hard to choose a favourite but I now know what the hype was over rocketeur because it is so gorgeous and a perfect shade for winter. It's just a perfect 'cheek' set as you have a choice of blushes, a contour/bronzer and a highlighter all in one set and all in one handy container.

I've done a few swatches to show you the shades because I still can't get over how pretty they are, plus I am rubbish at describing colours so I thought I'd just show you. However, I'm not sure if you can the shimmer in them so just incase, I thought I'd let you know that in them all I think there is shimmer but not a lot in dandelion and none at all in hoola.
Left to right- Watt's up, rockateur, sugarbomb, coralista, bella bamba, hoola, dandelion
This set is perfect for Christmas/Birthday gifts, as I said, but it's also such a good idea if your not sure which blush shade you prefer so you want to try them all or if you like switching up you blush colour often. Overall, I'd say it's 100% worth the money and I absolutely love it already, I think it's going to be my new fav product!
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