Thursday, 18 December 2014

New palettes..

Hey guys! So me and two of my internet friends send each other Christmas presents each year and I received mine yesterday and instantly wanted to do a blog post. I got two palettes, one eyeshadows and one blushers from the brand Revolution(I think that's the brand name) They are so pretty so I thought I'd do some swatches because they are actually really good quality too, I've already tried them!
I'm not actually too sure on the names of the palettes but I'm thinking the blusher one is called Ultra Blush Palette and the eyeshadow palette is called What You Waiting For? but I will check and link both palettes below because you should check them out, I'm sure there's loads of other shade palettes too.

These are the shades in the eyeshadow palette, there's 12 shimmered shades and 6 matte shades which are all quite neutral. They sort of remind me of a mixture of all the Urban Decay Naked palettes.

Left-right: We Love You, Tick Tock, Can't Find the Brake
We Love You: A light, very shimmery, yellow toned gold-perfect highlight shade
Tick Tock: A more orangey toned gold that's a bit darker then the previous
Can't Find the Brake: A rusted gold shade

Left-right: Moving Car, Do It Alone, Sex Chromosome
Moving Car: A light pink shimmered tone
Do It Alone: Similar to Can't Find the Brake but darker
Sex Chromosome: A deep purple/black with lighter purple shimmmer

Left-right: Now it's Only Me, Scary Conversation, Take A Chance
Now it's Only Me: A light silver shimmery shade
Scary Conversation: A pure bright gold- my favourite!
Take A Chance: A rosey pink with silver shimmer

Left-right: Shut My Eyes, Stupid H..., Life is Short
Shut My Eyes: A very light coppery tone
Stupid H...: A copper shade with brown and silver shimmers
Life is Short: A deep slightly shimmered black

Left-right: Your Capable, Super Hot Female, Million Dollar Contract
Your Capable: A matte, creamy white
Super Hot Female: A skin toned matte shade-sort of a your lids but better..
Million Dollar Contract: A light mauve shade

Left-right: Hot Track, Brand New Fans, Wicked Style
Hot Track: A darker mauve shade
Brand New Fans: A camel brown shade-perfect for in the crease
Wicked Style: A dark matte black

These are the blusher shades, there are two matte ones, four shimmers and then two marble affect ones.

The blusher don't actually have a name so I'll just number them. These are the top row from left-right: 1, 2, 3, 4
1: It looks quite peachy on this but I'd say it's more of a dusty rose shade that's matte
2: A light peachy shade with a little bit of shimmer
3: A true pink blush with silver shimmers-sort of a Barbie shade
4: A light marbled shade with a slight pink hue- could be used as a highlight

Left-right: 5, 6, 7, 8
5: An orange shimmery shade
6: Another dusty rose colour but slightly lighter than 1 and with shimmer
7: A light matte pink shade 
8: A marbled dark rosey pink with a lot of shimmer

And that is both palettes! They are both super pretty, affordable and good quality. They are perfect for travelling as they can be used in many different ways to create different looks and the packaging is relatively small to carry around!

You can purchase the palettes online(I'm not sure where else) but I have links to the online website
For the eye palette click here
For the blush palette click here
Thankyou for reading..
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Love Liv xxxx

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