Saturday, 24 October 2015

Looking to the future..

Hey guys! Before I even start I think I owe you all an apology.. I haven't posted since July!! I've just been so carried away and so much has been going on that I just haven't had the time to post. My plan was to do a holiday post as my previous post was my holiday makeup makeup look but I just never got the time to do it and then everything just started happening so I forgot to blog. 
Considering so much has gone on, I thought I would do a post about staying positive and looking towards the future instead of dwelling on the past! In the past few months I've moved house, started college and had a bit of a family issue but after it all I feel stronger and I'm ready to face the world.. Well that may be slightly dramatic but I am ready to just start fresh! 

Truthfully, most of my life I've been a bit of a debby downer but I'm fed up of thinking and expecting the worst so from now on its onwards and upwards! It's so easy to get stuck in a rut and not want to do anything but hide away from the world but then you just end up missing out on everything fun that goes on. I had such an amazing summer this year because I actually went out and done stuff and lived in the moment which is not like me but I loved it! Even though my summer ended on a bit of a low with having to move house, it's now put me in a better place so I just think of it as a learning experience. It may not seem like it, but everything happens in order to make things better. 

So, as I've said, my 'new me' is to start being positive and looking at things in the best light. If your like me and do think negatively then you have to just try and change your mindset, it's hard but it works. If you start thinking negative then push it away and switch the situation to one more positive, there's always a positive side to everything and the way to stay positive is to always see this! Yes, you may have your bad days but everyone is entitled to a bad day and as long as you pick yourself up after it then you don't have to worry. Just surround yourself with positive people whether that be family or friends, I rely a lot on my friends and they cheer me up, and soon enough you will forget all those negative thoughts that were once in your mind.. 

Plus, your past is your past. Whether it's a bad one or good one, you can't change it so there is no point looking back on it. By doing that, all you are doing is tourturing yourself. The fact is, most people probably don't even remember the things you are worrying about or if they do then they don't care anymore.. You learn from your past and know that in the future you won't do it again so look at it as a good thing. Your past is what makes you you and there is nothing wrong with being you..

So now that I'm back I promise I'll start posting regularly again! Hopefully I'll do some Halloween looks this week for you so let me know if there's anything you want to see!! 
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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Holiday Makeup Look

Hey Guys! So in my last blog post I showed you my holiday makeup essentials which was basically all the makeup items I'm going to be taking away with me. To follow on from that, I thought I would show you my go to makeup look using those items because this is probably the look I'll wear most nights whilst I'm on holiday. Like I said in my previous post, wearing makeup whilst on holiday is totally a personal preference but I love to just wear it of a night to feel more dressed up and ready I suppose.

Instead of saying every product again, I'll link my previous post here so you can check out what products I've used!
Obviously on holiday you want to go for a natural or dewy skin look so I kept the skin looking fresh by not powdering as much as using highlighting products to give a glowing look. I also chose to contour and then use a warm tone blush to give a sun kissed look because on holiday I tend to burn instead of tanning so I have to fake it! For eyes I kept them really simple and just ran a matte brown under them so I didn't have to use any eye liner which may have smudged in the heat and then I just topped it off with a lot of mascara because false lashes and heat are't the greatest match and I think they would have been too much for this look! Then to finish I decided to go for a coral lip to add some colour and also because I think coral really compliments tanned skin so it's a great holiday colour! Oh and finally I finished off with a few spritz of setting spray to keep my makeup on all day because you don't want your eyebrows down by your cheek!
From bare
To finished

Let me know what you think of the look and if you would wear it? If you take any inspiration from it then be sure to tweet me a photo or tag me in it on instagram so I can have a look, my links are below! Also, if you have any other blog posts you would like me to do that are holidy related, or not, then be sure to let me know and I'l try and get them up. If any of you are going on holiday soon then enjoy and don't be getting too brown haha! But if your not going away I hope you also have a lovely summer, or winter, or whichever season it is where you are.
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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Holiday Makeup Essentials

Hey Guys! I feel like it has been soo long since I last done a blog post but I decided to take time away from blogging whilst I done my exams so I could focus on them. Sorry it's been so long but I'm back now and I thought, considering I go on holiday soon, I would do my holiday makeup essentials! Obviously, when you go away not everyone likes to wear makeup but I still like to of an evening so I thought I would show use what I have in my makeup bag!

So of course, my absolute essential is setting spray! In the heat of a beaming sun, the staying power of makeup reduces dramatically so I use this avon setting spay to keep my makeup in place and prevent walking around with a dripping face. I've also chose to take a primer so extra staying power, I have the lumi magique one from loreal which I love because it adds a glow to the face. Then I've got foundation and concealer, I've just chose a dewy one because I like the fresh face look in summer but I've also got powder to set my face because otherwise I'd just end up a shiny mess! For cheeks I've packed two bronzers, one to contour and one to bronze and also Mac's warm soul blush to add more of a bronzed glow to the cheeks. I also packed Mac's soft and gentle because I love a shimmery cheek, it just adds to the glowing and dewy look. Then I've got my trust brow stuff which I couldn't go without, Mac's brun and loreal brow plumper.. A great combination! Finally we have eyes a lips. I don't really wear much eyeshadow so I've packed my Naked basics palette and a mascara just to have a simple look if I want to. Then for lips I've got a few options. I like to go for either a coral, a nude or a berry pink so I have one of each.. I'll decide which I use when I'm there.
And that's everything! It may seem a little much for some but I like to take a variety incase I want a certain look one night. I feel like it's better to have too much than too little so I just pile it all in! Although I don't know if it will all fit in my makeup bag so I could be taking a bigger one haha! Anyway, I was thinking of doing a makeup look using these products to show you my basic holiday makeup look so let me know if that's something you'd want to see! Or if there is any other holiday posts you would like me to do.
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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Liebster Award...

Hey Guys! So last week I got nominated for the Liebster Award which is like a blogger tag that is  going around the blogging society. I was so surprised when I got nominated so thankyou Lu for it! I've never done a tag or anything personal, I usually do beauty posts apart from my monthly favs so this is a good way for use to get to know me better.
So the rules for this tag are: 
-Answer the questions your tagged in
-Nominate bloggers who have less than 300 followers on twitter
-Think of 12 questions for them to answer
-Tweet them to let them know they've been tagged!

Okay so I best just get started and answer the first question..

1)What is your favourite thing about blogging?
My favourite thing is probably the fact you get to express yourself by posting blogs on things you love and it's completely your choice on what you post because your completely in control of it. It's like a personal way to show what you love but you get to share it and tell everyone else about your favourite things. Basically, I love sharing and finding new things.

2)Do you remember your first ever blog post? If so, what was it?
I do, it's actually still uploaded on here I think! It was a basic introduction of me, like who I was and what this blog was going to be about! A bit of a rubbish first post really.

3)What is your signature perfume?
It has to be Marc Jacobs Daisy Eu De Fresh. I constantly have this on even in the winter despite it being a floral/summery scent.

4)Who is your all time favourite Youtuber?
This is actually a hard question for me because I love so many youtubers but my all time favourite has to be Tanya Burr. She was the first youtuber I started watching but I do have a post here on my fav female and male youtubers.

5)Do you have a special party trick or surprising talents?
As boring as it is..I don't think I do, I can't think of anything at all..

6)Who is your unlikely celebrity crush?
Definitely the hardest question because I have so many celeb crushes but by this, I'm guessing it's one who not many fancy or you wouldn't expect me to like which has got to be Luke Friend.. He is seriously one of my favourites!!

7)Your holy grail makeup item?
Oh gosh, I feel like my eyebrows are something I need to be done before I leave the house but I don't have a holy grail project cause I switch it up often so my holy grail product has to be MAC Harmony to contour!

8)First CD you ever bought?
Okay so both of these are cringey and I'm including two because I don't know which was first but it was either Shane Ward That's My Goal or Gareth Gates Spirit In The Sky... I know, classic tunes...

9)Your favourite indulgent food?
Truthfully, has to be chocolate.. I don't think I could live without it, I'm sort of emotionally attached.. Or Ben&Jerry's Phish Food...

10)Your favourite cheesy, feel good movie?
Ooo now I love a good cheesy film, either Mamma Mia if we're going for a musical or Easy A for more of a comedy feel good!

11)Your all time favourite makeup brand?
Has to be Urban Decay.. I could live solidly off their makeup. Everyone see's them just for eyeshaows but their foundation, lipglosses, lipsticks, primers ect are all amaing quality and pigment!

12)Three things on your bucket list?
So, number 1: Visit New York and go to the top of the rockerfella
Number 2: Do a sky dive 
Number 3: Go on a road trip of America!

And that's  all the questions! Now for who I nominate: 

And my questions for you guys are:
1)Your Favourite country/city/town?
2)If you could go back in time, which year would you go to?
3)Ultimate favourite movie of all time?
4)Your favourite type of food?
5)Who is your favourite singer?
6)If you could go back to education, starting form the beginning, or forward to working your career of choice, which would you choose?
7)What is your favourite book?
8)If you could only have one makeup item, which would you pick?
9)If you only have two minutes, which makeup items would you put on?
10)What is your favourite hairstyle/colour?
11)Do you have anything exciting planned for summer?
12)What are your top 5 countries to visit?

And that's everything! Sorry it's super long but I actually loved doing this post! If your tagged, then let me know when you've done this tag so I can check it out.
I hope you've enjoyed and like this type of post, I do!!
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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Tips&Tricks: Revision

Hey guys! Apologies about the lack of blog posts up recently, I've been busy revising for my GCSE's and I thought perhaps some of you guys are about to do exams too. So I thought I'd give you some of my personal tips&tricks for revising! These may not work for everyone but they work for me and this is how I've been revising so far so don't just rely on these initially, try out different ways to see what works best.
Tip 1:
 Instead of just reading over your boring old books or sheets, write down your key points or shortened points on bright card or paper. By using brightly coloured paper and even pens, your more likely to read through them because they're more 'attractive' and also they stand out so in the exam you'll remember the colours and the key point. By shortening you points also helps remember them because you can remember things i bullet points rather than chunks of writing.
Tip 2:
Pin or stick these note cards onto the wall so that whilst your just sitting around doing nothing you can look at the wall and read through them. Even if it's just 5 minutes, it will begin to stick in your head and you will remember the points.. Plus, your brain focuses more when learning in short periods of time rather than hours of revision!
Tip 3:
I know previously I said ditch the books however, subjects like science are hard to write notes for because there is so much so a really good resource to use are CGP books which you can buy online and these basically have everything you need to know in but in quite a basic form so you are able to have all your revision notes in one book. I've been using to read through and try and learn each section, any I don't understand I then go over again until I do understand it. You can get these books for every subject so I'd suggest looking into them!
Tip 4:
Try making a study timetable, even if you only do an hour revision somedays it's better than none. If you search online there'll be loads of templates for this so just print one off and then fill it but remember to keep time for resting or  just chilling. Over doing yourself won't help because you'll end up working your brain too much and after a certain time it just won't 'stick' anymore.  Doing slots of 30 minutes followed by a 5 minute break will help so that you can take in what you've just learnt and give your brain a rest.

Tip 5:
Keep a healthy mind space! Make sure you get plenty of sleep, eat well and stay hydrated. All these help your brain to function properly which is key when revising. Also, be organised so you know where all your revision stuff, the last thing you want is to be trying to find notes you made hours before an exam!

Tip 6:
Finally, pick a good place to revise! I like revising in bed because it's comforting and I find it more relaxing to do it here. Also, it keeps me calm because exams are the complete opposite! However, some people find it better to revise at a table or desk because it helps them focus or some people prefer moving whilst they revise for different subjects because then each subjects can be related to that movement when your in the exam which helps you remember! The trick is to trick your brain into learning things that you will recall in the exam!!

Overall, revising isn't the best thing but it's necessary if your wanting great results, even the cleverest people don't just have it come natural to them, they have to work hard! The last thing you want to do is over do it so give yourself time and still allow yourself to go out with friends. But overall, don't stress yourself out! Your exams will go fine if you just keep a steady mind!
Hopefully, you've found this helpful because these are my tips to help you all do amazing. If you would like me to do some more Tips&Tricks like perhaps one for the exam then let me know. I could do beauty ones, hair ones ect too, not just school related!!
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Thursday, 9 April 2015


Hey guys! So last weekend I went to London for the day and whilst there I thought it was only fitting to go to KIKO because I've never been but I've seen so many good reviews of their products so I really wanted to try some items out! Although, I didn't end up getting loads because it was so over whelming and I couldn't decided what I wanted. I ended up getting two of the water eyeshadows, a precision lip liner and a lipstick. Also, for Easter I got some MAC items so I thought I would do a collective haul of both. I got two lipliners and a lipstick from MAC.

I'll start with KIKO. The first thing I picked were the eyeshadows because I've seen Velvetgh0st talk about them a lot and she always raves about how good they are.

This first shade is 203 which is like a plum/purple with pink undertones and silver reflex glitter in. Alone, this is like a sheen on the lids and is quite pigmented but with water(these are actually made to be used with water) it is like a foil on the lid. It is such a pretty colour, the camera doesn't do it justice.

The second colour is like a copper bronze with warm undertones and gold reflexes in. Again like the other eyeshadow it works alone but is intensified by water.

Then I got a lipliner in 308 which is like a berry colour but it is more of a bright shade so it is better for summer. I wore this last week and it almost all day without fading which is good considering I was eating and drinking.

Finally, I bought a lipstick in 805 which is a similar tone colour to the lipliner but it is more sheer and glossy than most colours I wear but I really like it.

Next I got MAC lipliner in Burgundy which is similar to the KIKO liner but it is a more deep shade of berry and has more greyish undertones.

Next I got a lipliner in Whirl which is like a 90's mauvey brown colour with pink tones also. I love it because I'm obsessed with the Kylie Jenner look at the minute.. Well for a while.

Finally I got a lipstick in the shade Brave which is a satin finish which is a change from it being matte or glossy. The shade is like a lilac/pink colour but more nude than a bright pink.

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Sunday, 29 March 2015

A Few of my Favourite... Foundations

Hey guys! I can't believe it's almost a new month already but seens though it is, it's time for a new monthly favourites! I thought this month I would do foundation because they are part of my everyday routine and there are so many out there, but not all of them are great. I thought I'd include both drugstore and high end products!

So my favourite drugstore foundation has to be the Loreal True Match. It is the perfect foundation for me because the shade is a spot on match, the formula is a full coverage and it's a matte finish which I love but it doesn't look cakey at all, in fact it looks quite natural. I wear this every day for school and it stays on perfectly and doesn't budge!

My second favourite has to be Revlon photoready, it's amazing for when you know you'll be taking photos because it has specks of glitter in but they're not visible, they just make your skin looking glowing and radiant!

My third favourite is the Maybelline fit me foundation. I prefer this one when I want a sheer coverage because it is sheer, but buildable, however the shade is slightly too dark for me but the one up is too light so I suppose this will be my perfect foundation for summer.

Onto my favourite high end foundation which is of course MAC Studio Fix. I know everyone loves this foundation but it really is amazing. It's quite similar to the maybelline foundation but I find it a much better shade range so it matches better and it also looks less cakey but if your budgeting then the maybelline is perfect. I just love the dewy finish you get with this foundation.

Finally, wehave my second favourite high end foundation which is Benefit's Hello Flawless foundation. This is my favourite foundation for summer, again it's too dark at the minute but that's because I bought it when I was tanned, it's dewy but long lasting. Even though it's full coverage, it isn't too much because it's dewy.

And they are my favourites! Of course you don't need this may foundations, just one that suits you best, but being obsessed with makeup means I like to try out a range of different ones to see which I like and what I don't like. Then I can give you the low down on the best ones around!
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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Skincare Routine

Hey guys! I'm not particularly the type of person who spends a lot of time on skincare and cleansing but I've finally found a routine I'm happy with and it doesn't take a lot of time. I only use 5 products but these are like my holy grail things that keep my face looking fresh and clean but also feeling amazing! I'm in love with how they make my skin feel.

Firstly, I take off my makeup using the Liz Earle cleanse&polish which is amazing for removing makeup, you simply massage one pump over your face like a moisturiser and it soaks in to break down your makeup. Then you use a muslim cloth that is damp and wipe it over your face and it simply removes the makeup, that quick!

If I've got a lot of eye makeup on and it may still be slightly around my eyes, like some black under the eyes or lash glue sometimes stays on, then I use micellar water on a cotton wool or cotton bud to remove it. This literally take a minute because it removes it quickly, I've done a review of it before so I'll link it here

After removing all my makeup, I then dab some witch stick on any spots or blemishes as it's quite strong so it helps cool it and reduce it. This is what I call my miracle stick because if you put it on of a night, the next day there's nothing there!

Then I go onto moisturiser which I pick from two different ones, either Origins ginzing or Freederm it just depends on how my skin is. If my skins quite dry then I use the origins one because it's more hydrating and brightening, whereas I use the freederm one if my skins breaking out or my skin is blotchy as it soothes it and reduces spots.

Finally, I use Soap&Glory's eye cream to reduce dark circles and puffyness which, if your a student like me and spend most your nights awake doing work you'll know how bad it can get. I just apply this under the eyes and because it's cool it really does work, however I wouldn't use it of a morning if you use concealer as it might make it crease.

And that's everything! This takes me about 5-10 minutes depending on how much makeup  I have on but it's worth it because looking after your skin is so important therefore you should take a little time to keep it looking and feeling fresh and clean. I have quite normal skin, sometimes oily sometimes dry, and these products are perfect for it so if you have similar skin and your looking for a good skincare routine, I'd recommend these products!
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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Spring has Sprung..

Hey guys! So it's not very often in the summer that the UK gets warm weather but it's currently two days into spring and already we already have had a bright, sunny day! Considering it was such a nice day today, we decided to take a drive down to Parkgate which is is just a sort of marsh land area with a pretty little village near it. There isn't much to do there but you can stroll along the sort of promenade and then get ice cream which is my favourite part! 
There are a few little quirky cafe's and chip shops along there too to stop and get something to eat so if your into little walks along new areas then you should give it a little village. It's nice to just get some fresh air.

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