Sunday, 25 January 2015

How To Keep Your Desk Area Tidy&Neat

Hey Guys! This weeks post is quite different to my usual style but I really wanted to switch things up a bit and I thought this might be quite useful to some of use. I know I personally can end up leaving things quite messy, especially on top of my makeup table which I use as a desk for some things that either don't fit in my draw or don't belong in there. So, I thought I'd do a post with a few different ideas on 'how to keep your desk area tidy&neat.'

The first thing I do is actually keep some stuff off the desk and instead on a floating shelf because otherwise the desk would be too cluttered. This shelf has three pegs underneath so I found some mason jars with rope hangers on so they hang off it which gives even more space and I think it also looks really cute! I bought mine from a shop called B&M in the uk which is a really affordable shop, I think they cost around £4 each.
The on top of the shelf I actually keep all my perfumes and some of my candles. The shelf  itself is actually from B&M too and was around £10 maybe..
It makes it look really cute and is a really nice way of dressing up a normal floating shelf!

Then another way I prevent my desk from being scattered with bits and bobs is this cute jewellery stand that you can hang necklaces from therefore they don't end up knotted if they're in a box and you can also see them this way which makes me use them more because I don't have to go hunting for what I want.
I also keep all my rings and earrings in this glass dish which was actually a cake ramekin that fits them in perfectly plus you can see them easier. 

On my actual shelf itself I like to keep everything ordered neatly so I keep my brushes in this candle holder which is from Hobby Craft for £3, it's quite large so it holds all of them in and I keep my eye ones at the back because I don't use them everyday and my face ones at the front so they are easier to reach.

Then for lip products ei lipglosses, liners and pens aswell as eyeliners, I keep in this cute little box which was a gift box because then I can see them easier and they're in reach of a morning instead of me hunting all around my draw for them.

Finally, on my desk I keep my lipsticks and favourite lipglosses in this acrylic lipstick holder which has 24 spaces but it is quite small so it doesn't take up much room. I believe it was from eBay for around £5 so it's really affordable.

And lastly, this isn't so much to keep my desk tidy but I purchased these yesterday. The slate chalkboard I'm going to hang this up on my room to put little reminders on so I don't forget things to keep myself more organised and also the mirror is to go on my wall to just add a little more detail to my room.

That is everything, my ways to keep your desk area tidy&neat. If you use your desk as an actual desk then you could switch up the makeup brushes for pens or highlighters which I'm going to do, not switch up but buy another container, for my exams! But these little ideas just help keep everything looking it's best and keep your room tidy, they're also really affordable things so they don't cost too  much. Hopefully they've gave you some inspiration and been helpful!
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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

More Brushes... It's a blogger thing

Hey guys! Before I start I just want to say how happy I am for actually getting two posts up every week so far, I know it's only been 3 weeks but that's good for me! Hahha!!
Anyway, this week I thought I'd do another semi review semi haul(sort of) This year for Christmas my auntie from America sent over a gift and because she knows I'm a total makeup lover she bought me a MAC Duo Fibre brush set. I only have one brush from MAC, my trusty 217, so I was really excited to try these because I know a lot of people love MAC brushes. 
 So the brushes come in the cute black pencil case style purse with silver glitter all over it and an old fashioned brooch as a zip, it's actually really pretty.
Then inside you receive 4 duo fibre brushes, a 187SE, a 130SE, a 287SE and a 286SE. Each brush is a shortened version handle wise but the actual brush bristles are full length and also extremely soft! I've already used these and then washed them and they wash fine, the bristles don't fall out or loose shape and they also dry quickly. I use MAC brush cleanser to wash them.
In the set you get the face brush which is the largest and best for foundation or powder, a smaller more dense version of this brush which is great for contour and highlight or to blend small areas, a flat eyeshadow brush which is actually quite large and a tapered blending brush which is ideal for the crease.

 This is the 187SE which is the face brush and the one I've used most. As it is duo fibre it allows you to have a more sheer and even coverage of foundation and blends it so it looks airbrushed in a way because it is so natural but it also allows you to then build up on the coverage until it looks seamless.

 This is the 130SE which is a smaller version of the 187SE but is a lot more dense which means it is perfect for blending. I love using this one to blend cream contour in as it doesn't allow the product to blend all over the face as it small but I also like it to blend in concealer as it fits perfectly under the eye and it so soft.

 This is the 286SE which is the tapered brush. I think this is the perfect crease brush as it fits perfectly in and blends the eyeshadows perfectly in the right place, it is very similar to Real  Techniques smallest duo fibre brush(I'm not sure of the name off the top of my head) but I love both of them for the same thing.

Then finally we have the 287SE which is a flat eyeshadow brush. This one is perfect for packing on the colour although it is quite large, it takes up the majority of my eyelid so it may be too big for some peoples eyes but I find it also to work  well as a concealer brush because it fits right into the inner corner due to it's shape and size.

I think this is a really cute set from MAC and also incredible value because some of these brushes alone cost around £30 and I'm pretty sure the set was around £45 so you definitely get your moneys worth. I would actually highly recommend MAC brushes after using these because of how good they apply makeup, especially the 187SE which is my favourite out of the set!
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Sunday, 18 January 2015

A Few Of My Favourite... MAC Eyeshadows

Hey Guys! So it's that time of the month again, monthly favourites! This month I've chosen five of my favourite MAC eyeshadows because over the Christmas and New Year period I rediscovered my MAC palette and re kindled my love for it. I don't know how I could forget about it because MAC eyeshadows are some of my favourites, especially having the choice to create your own palette because then it is tailor made just for you and I love that idea! I was just thinking of showing you each eyeshadow I have but that wouldn't mean it was a favourites really so I narrowed it down to 5.
My palette isn't completely full yet but when it is, if you want, I will do swatches of each eyeshadow in it. But for now let's get onto my top 5, which aren't necessarily in a particular order. I thought I'd just give a quick overview of MAC eyeshadows first instead of saying this for everyshadow. Each of MAC's eyeshadows are extremely pigmented but blend really easily, they're also very buttery and creamy when applied so you don't get too much fall down. The extremely shimmery shades also give a foiled effect if applied with a damp brush which looks amazing!

 First up we have Satin Taupe which is a frost shadow with shimmer through it. It is a sort of greyish brown toned colour with cool undertones in the pan but applied to give a more warm shade when blended. This colour works on any skin tone because of the two different tones through it.

Next up we have Naked Lunch which is another frost eyeshadow. This colour is a light champagne pink colour that works really well with Satin Taupe. With just one quick sweep across the lid it adds a slight sheen but if you layer it slightly it gives a gorgeous sheen to the lids.

This shade is Mythology which is fairly new to my collection. I'd seen a few people talk about this colour working well with blue eyes so I wanted to try it out because the majority of my eyeshadows are really natural colours whereas this is a bright copper red so it's quite different for me but I love it. It's very shimmery so the red colour doesn't appear  too harsh and it blends into a lighter more golden copper shade.

Woodwinked was one of the first shades I got and is probably my favourite. It's a warm golden brown colour with shimmer through but this blends into a burnt orange colour so can be worn alone and it looks incredible. It works so well with blue eyes as it really brings them out so I just love this eyeshadow. It's definitely my go to colour if I'm not sure what look I want to do because it just works well with any makeup look either alone of with a deep brown through the crease for a more smokey eye look- MAC's brun works well to do this look!

Finally, we have Nylon which is a bright yellow gold. You will have probably heared so many people rave about this shade because it's so bright and shimmery it looks amazing as a brow highlight or inner corner highlight as it really accentuates the eye's brightness. As it is yellow toned it is quite different to any other highlights which are usually white or pink toned.

And that is them all, I absolutely love my MAC palette and their eyeshadows so I can't wait until it is full! It probably would be full by now but I'm so indecisive I can't decide what shades I want so if you have any favourites then let me know!!
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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

It's a MAC Thing.

Hey guys! Another review style post this week, I hope you don't mind I've just got quite a few new products recently. This time it's Mac's turn! I recently got their pro concealer palette because I find with concealer you always need more than one shade for different parts of your face. A light highlighting shade, a skin tone, a counteracting peach colour ect ect.. So I decided this was ideal as it has 6 different tones in it.
This is the palette, of course I got it in the lightest shade because caspar the ghost over here definitely needs pale everything! So in this you get a light shade, two neutral skin shades, a slightly darker shade, a yellow tone and a peach toned shade. Basically, all the essential colours you'll need! I love Mac's concealers because they are really creamy, long wearing and full coverage which is exactly what I want with concealers. They aren't too creamy that they will crease under the eye either.

The top two shades we have the lightest shade from the palette and the lighter skin tone colour. 
The lightest shade(left finger for you) is a pale beige with yellow undertones,  I like this colour as an under eye highlight to give a Kardashian contour effect
The lighter skin shade(right finger for you) is a natural beige colour with both warm and cool undertones to give it a natural colour.
Then we have the darker skin tone shade and the slightly darker/orange toned shade.
The darker skin tone colour(left finger) is a lot closer to my skin tone on my body but my face is lighter so I think this one is a little darker than my face but works well when I have a darker foundation on.
The orange shade(right finger) would work a lot better on somebody who fake tans a lot because when I have fake tan on I think it will be my perfect shade.
Finally, we have the peach tone and the yellow tone concealer. 
The peach shade(left finger) is a natural colour that I use to cover blemishes/spots because it covers it well and balances the skin tone around it.
The yellow shade(right finger) is the only colour I'd say is cool toned. It would also work well as a highlighter but mainly on dark circles as it counteracts the darkness and lightens it.

Overall I'd say I love this palette, it is so ideal for me as the colours all fit my skin tone perfectly. Each concealer in this is so high coverage which I love and just perfect especially considering the palette was only £35. I know that seems expensive but 6 drugstore concealers would probably cost that and these are high end products! I'd also recommend this for anyone going into being a makeup artist as you then have several shades to find the perfect match for your client.
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Sunday, 11 January 2015

A little bit more Urban Decay..

Hey guys! So you may have heard about the Urban Decay 'On the run palette' which has 5 eyeshadows, an eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss, blush, bronzer and highlight in it. Brilliant for travelling! Well, for Christmas I asked for it off my mum because I am such a huge lover of Urban Decay products. I absolutely love their eyeshadows, I have each of the Naked palettes, and I've been wanting to try out their flushed palette so when I saw the palette I thought it looked so pretty. And it lived up to my expectations, I love it!
The packaging is really cool! It's sort of a rose gold tin with a marbled/illusion vision front(the camera wasn't picking it up very well) which looks really pretty and unique. The case is around an average hand size and not too deep so it would be good to take away with you.
Inside you get the 'perversion' mascara which I haven't used yet because I currently already have three mascara's open and I don't want it to dry out but I've heard a lot of people say they love it. Then you have one of the 24/7 glide on eye liners in the shade 'stag' which is quite a dark brown. I love this liner, and all the 24/7 glide on ones as they don't smudge through the day and remain on all day.
Then we have the lipgloss, eyeshadows and cheek trio which I have swatched so you are able to see.

The lipgloss shade is 'Sesso' and is one of the Naked lipglosses that are actually quite new. This shade is a warm rosey pink with more of a darker berry tone underneath rather than your usual pink. I really like this because I think it works with any skin tone and also the glosses aren't too sticky but they don't come off within seconds either.

Right-Left: Dive, Fix, Resist
Right-Left: Dare, Stun
Dive: A sparkly rose heud shade with a frosted finish. It looks more foiled if applied with a damp brush or patted on using finger whereas with a normal brush it just applies a soft shimmered shade.
Fix: A matte camel brown shade that looks quite warm toned. Works really well as a crease or transition colour as it is quite natural.
Resist: A metallic taupe golden shade with warm undertones. This too, I think, applied better with a damp brush or fingers as with a brush it can look sheer and less pigmented.
Dare: A similar shade to Fix but slightly cooler undertones and is a darker camel colour. This one too works well in the crease as it is matte.
Stun: A copper golden toned chocolate brown. Definitely my favourite out of the five and again applies the same as the other two shimmery shades.

Right-Left: Bronzer, Blush, 5050 highlighter
Bronzer: A warm, slightly oranged toned bronzer which was matte although I wouldn't use it for contouring as it is too warm for me. It isn't too dark though, it is probably a light-medium shade as I'm quite pale and I think it works well on my complexion.
Blush: A very bright a light pink with a slight shimmer to give it more of a satin finish.
5050 Highlighter: A light peachy highlighter with warm undertones and a lot of shimmer to give it a slight pearl effect. This is the only thing that disappointed me because it is really powdery and sheer when applied with a brush so you can hardly see it.

And that is the palette! I would 100% recommend this to any one who's constantly travelling as it is everything all in one pack however I would say the highlighter isn't as good as I was hoping it would be but apart from that I love everything else. All the eyeshadows are really pigmented and work well together for either an everyday eye or a smokey eye for the evening. I really like the palette so another well done to Urban Decay for always bringing out such beautiful palettes!
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