Sunday, 29 March 2015

A Few of my Favourite... Foundations

Hey guys! I can't believe it's almost a new month already but seens though it is, it's time for a new monthly favourites! I thought this month I would do foundation because they are part of my everyday routine and there are so many out there, but not all of them are great. I thought I'd include both drugstore and high end products!

So my favourite drugstore foundation has to be the Loreal True Match. It is the perfect foundation for me because the shade is a spot on match, the formula is a full coverage and it's a matte finish which I love but it doesn't look cakey at all, in fact it looks quite natural. I wear this every day for school and it stays on perfectly and doesn't budge!

My second favourite has to be Revlon photoready, it's amazing for when you know you'll be taking photos because it has specks of glitter in but they're not visible, they just make your skin looking glowing and radiant!

My third favourite is the Maybelline fit me foundation. I prefer this one when I want a sheer coverage because it is sheer, but buildable, however the shade is slightly too dark for me but the one up is too light so I suppose this will be my perfect foundation for summer.

Onto my favourite high end foundation which is of course MAC Studio Fix. I know everyone loves this foundation but it really is amazing. It's quite similar to the maybelline foundation but I find it a much better shade range so it matches better and it also looks less cakey but if your budgeting then the maybelline is perfect. I just love the dewy finish you get with this foundation.

Finally, wehave my second favourite high end foundation which is Benefit's Hello Flawless foundation. This is my favourite foundation for summer, again it's too dark at the minute but that's because I bought it when I was tanned, it's dewy but long lasting. Even though it's full coverage, it isn't too much because it's dewy.

And they are my favourites! Of course you don't need this may foundations, just one that suits you best, but being obsessed with makeup means I like to try out a range of different ones to see which I like and what I don't like. Then I can give you the low down on the best ones around!
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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Skincare Routine

Hey guys! I'm not particularly the type of person who spends a lot of time on skincare and cleansing but I've finally found a routine I'm happy with and it doesn't take a lot of time. I only use 5 products but these are like my holy grail things that keep my face looking fresh and clean but also feeling amazing! I'm in love with how they make my skin feel.

Firstly, I take off my makeup using the Liz Earle cleanse&polish which is amazing for removing makeup, you simply massage one pump over your face like a moisturiser and it soaks in to break down your makeup. Then you use a muslim cloth that is damp and wipe it over your face and it simply removes the makeup, that quick!

If I've got a lot of eye makeup on and it may still be slightly around my eyes, like some black under the eyes or lash glue sometimes stays on, then I use micellar water on a cotton wool or cotton bud to remove it. This literally take a minute because it removes it quickly, I've done a review of it before so I'll link it here

After removing all my makeup, I then dab some witch stick on any spots or blemishes as it's quite strong so it helps cool it and reduce it. This is what I call my miracle stick because if you put it on of a night, the next day there's nothing there!

Then I go onto moisturiser which I pick from two different ones, either Origins ginzing or Freederm it just depends on how my skin is. If my skins quite dry then I use the origins one because it's more hydrating and brightening, whereas I use the freederm one if my skins breaking out or my skin is blotchy as it soothes it and reduces spots.

Finally, I use Soap&Glory's eye cream to reduce dark circles and puffyness which, if your a student like me and spend most your nights awake doing work you'll know how bad it can get. I just apply this under the eyes and because it's cool it really does work, however I wouldn't use it of a morning if you use concealer as it might make it crease.

And that's everything! This takes me about 5-10 minutes depending on how much makeup  I have on but it's worth it because looking after your skin is so important therefore you should take a little time to keep it looking and feeling fresh and clean. I have quite normal skin, sometimes oily sometimes dry, and these products are perfect for it so if you have similar skin and your looking for a good skincare routine, I'd recommend these products!
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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Spring has Sprung..

Hey guys! So it's not very often in the summer that the UK gets warm weather but it's currently two days into spring and already we already have had a bright, sunny day! Considering it was such a nice day today, we decided to take a drive down to Parkgate which is is just a sort of marsh land area with a pretty little village near it. There isn't much to do there but you can stroll along the sort of promenade and then get ice cream which is my favourite part! 
There are a few little quirky cafe's and chip shops along there too to stop and get something to eat so if your into little walks along new areas then you should give it a little village. It's nice to just get some fresh air.

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Sunday, 15 March 2015


Hey guys! It's been so long since I last done an empties post so I thought I'd keep a few things that I've used up and do a little post. I've used up more products than what are in this post but I forgot to keep some of them, typical!

So the first two products I used up were skincare ones, a freederm cream and a witch stick, both of which I love! These two products together are my holy grail products, they prevent me from getting spots which is a definite must! I used these every night an they lasted ages because you don't need a lot, especially the witch stick because you just put it on the problem place.

The next two products are makeup items, both my favourite everyday products! This foundation is incredible for coverage but it isn't cakey at all and the concealer is full coverage too but I love them because they're both perfect shades. I'm quite pale so I find it hard to match a foundation to my skin colour but these two are perfect! I've already repurchased both!

Another two products I've used up are the fudge urban hairspray and avene water. The hairspray is probably the third bottle I've used because I love it, the smell alone is incredible! It's not too strong so it doesn't make your hair crispy or sticky but it keeps a hold. I've already got another as back up. The avene water is what I use to dampen my brushes if I'm using pigments or a glitter, and I also use it to dampen my beauty sponge before using it. 

This next product has been a saviour to my lips for the past year, it's my trusty EOS! I love this so much, I have 3 but this is my favourite because of the scent, I love anything mint smelling so this is definitely the best one I think. It's quite a strong lip balm so it heals the lips if they're cracked but also, it's quite hydrating also. I need to buy another one asap!

Finally, I have a perfume which I think is called Viva La Juicy but it may not be.. I actually got it in a set and I don't have the boxing of it still plus it has no name on. It's one of my favourite scents for everyday because it's not too strong, it's a light floral scent(I think, I'm not good with scents) but I have so many perfumes so at the minute I won't  be repurchasing it just yet.

And that is everything! As I said, I have used more products but I binned them stupidly! If you have enjoyed this post however, I'll make it my mission to keep anything else I use up and do another post like this soon maybe!
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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Fashion Week Inspired Makeup

Hey guys! Seen as though these past few weekend's it has been fashion week all over the world, I thought I'd combine some of the key trends from some of the key shows and do a makeup look that fits most! So I went for brown smokey eyes inspired by Givenchy and Gucci, bare minimum skin inspired by Chanel and Calvin Klein but with a bronze look inspired by Ralph Lauren and Balmain, and then flaming lips inspired by Dolce&Gabbana and Burberry Prorsume(I've done two different lips though)
Bright lip
Nude lip

As a base I used lumi magique because it makes the skin look luminous and glowing, and then for foundation I used Maybelline fit me foundation because it's quite sheer but can be built up depending on how much coverage you want. To contour I used The Body Shop bronzer and slightly bronzed the skin also so I didn't use a blusher on top because I wanted to keep it natural but still glowing. For the eyes I used Mac's brow gelcreme in dark brown and buffed it all over the lid and blended the edges. This actually works so well on the lids as it's matte and doesn't crease at all. Then I used Mac's brun through the crease and also for the brows along with Benefit gimme brow. Finally, for lips I used some Ted Baker glosses but they don't have shades, one is a nude and quite sheer shade and the other is a deep berry red but it's quite bright too.

And this is the finished look, it's really wearable but it's still something more than just your everyday look. It's perfect for spring because the colours aren't too dark but they're not too bright either but also it's really long-lasting if it's warm out. It also doesn't take long to do at all because all you have to do is blend it across the lid and then blend the edges out a little.

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Mamma Mia.. Here I go again...

Hey guys! So this Monday, as part of my christmas present, me and my friend went to see Mamma Mia in Liverpool Empire Theatre and considering I had such an amazing night, I thought I'd do a little review of the show! 
So if you didn't know already, Mamma Mia is one of my favourite musicals and films, I have probably watched it over 50 times! When I heard it was coming to Liverpool I couldn't wait to go and see it and it didn't let me down. The cast at the show were ridiculously good and if your a fan of the film you'll love it because the majority of them sounded just like the characters! Even though it was slightly different to the film and the actual scenery weren't as good as some musicals, the costumes and singing were top-notch. The tight, bright lycra should definitely be a new trend that comes back around.. 
Usually, when you go to see a show you never want it to end but I think the ending was definitely the best part, without spoiling it, let's just say make sure you wear your dancing shoes and warm up those vocals because you won't be staying your seat the whole time. If it was upto me, I would have been up after the first five minutes!! Hahah! 
Overall, it was such an amazing night filled with laughter, singing and shimmying to ABBA's best hits! And don't worry, there is some eye candy there too.. But if you are a fan of the film or even just the music I would 100% recommend checking out this show if you can because it's just such a crowd pleaser and it won't fail to make you smile! 
These aren't my photos, but here are a few images from the Echo newspaper article online to show you what you can expect!! 
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Love Liv xxxx

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Best Dressed Of The Week!

Hey guys! This week has definitely been a huge one for fashion, there's been fashion week going on, the Oscars, the Elle Style Awards and the Brits. Due to all these huge events, I thought this week I would give a few of my favourite outfits from the past week and who I thought was best dressed! These are simply my opinion on who I thought looked the best, obviously some people will have different sense of styles.

The Oscars:

So first up is the Oscars, my 5 favourite looks from the Oscars were: Giuliana Rancic, Anna Kendrick, Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Lopez and Emma Stone.
 I love this bold red gown with a lace overlay and mesh panel at the top. I think the colour and bodycon shape with a mermaid-esque bottom suits Guilliana so much, she looks a million dollars.

 Anna kept her look sophisticated and girly with a light peach flowing dress. The simple cut out and halter neck add detail to the dress but still keeps it classy, it works so well with her whole look.

 This dress looks so simple but the colour alone is show-stopping. Dakota works the dress so well and I love the shimmer off the one strap shoulder.

 Jennifer Lopez worked this huge ball gown. Even though it has a big skirt, the simple colour adds elegance and the gold glitter makes it even more wowing, if that's a word!

Finally, we have Emma Stone who definitely took a risk in this lime green piece but she owns it. The colour really suits her and the beading gives the dress a 1920's feel which I love and I think she suits really well! 

Elle Style Awards:

The Elle Style Awards are, as the title suggests, all about style and fashion so it's no surprise that everyone there looked amazing but my 4 favourites were: Daisy Lowe, Cara Delevigne, Abbey Clancy and Jourdan Dunn.
Daisy Lowe looks incredible in this all black dress with a mesh overlay.  Even though it is all black and quite simple, it looks stunning on her and I really like it.

Then we have miss Cara Delevigne in another all black number but her is a full length gown. The low neck line gives Cara an amazing figure and it just looks incredible, especially with the simple sparkle from her necklace and the bright red lip.

This dress reminds me of the 80's with the white underlay dress and the patterned fish net over it. I love the monochrome look and I think it really suits Abbey. You can't even tell she's pregnant because she looks so incredible.

And last up we have Jourdan Dunn in another black dress, obviously I am loving the darkness! Jourdan looks so sexy in this fitted but sliced dress. The cut outs around the top and the slit just look incredible but the back keeps it looking sophisticated and classy.

The Brits:

I am a huge fan of the Brits because it shows off how talented Britain really is, but I also love how it shows off the amazing women of Britain and their style. My 4 favourite looks were: Rita Ora, Fearne Cotton, Holly Willoughby and Ellie Goulding.

Recently, I have been loving Rita Ora and she did not fail to impress at the Brits. This semi sheer, golden beaded playsuit looked incredible on Rita. Even though it is a playsuit, you cannot tell because of the extra panel of material which gives it a dress look, amazing I think!

Fearne Cotton looked amazing in this babydoll dress with beading detail. I love the simplicity of the style but intricate detailing, and the shoes go so well with it. You wouldn't think she was pregnant!

This dress is one of my favourites, I love the coloured detailing over the black and the cut-out edging at the bottom. Holly really suits the structured looking, high-neck top too because it highlights her assets!

Lastly, we have Ellie Goulding who looks like an angel! I think the see through panelling with the lace-essque detail over makes the dress look more modern whilst the free flowing bottom makes it look more conservative but the two together work so well.  I love it!

And they are my top outfit picks from the week. I can't even pick a favourite because I love them all but if I had to pick an event I'd say the Oscars had the best dressed women! I probably could have dedicated a whole post to that alone but I wanted to do them all together. 
If you enjoyed this different style post from me then please let me know and I'll be sure to do more.
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