Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Holiday Makeup Essentials

Hey Guys! I feel like it has been soo long since I last done a blog post but I decided to take time away from blogging whilst I done my exams so I could focus on them. Sorry it's been so long but I'm back now and I thought, considering I go on holiday soon, I would do my holiday makeup essentials! Obviously, when you go away not everyone likes to wear makeup but I still like to of an evening so I thought I would show use what I have in my makeup bag!

So of course, my absolute essential is setting spray! In the heat of a beaming sun, the staying power of makeup reduces dramatically so I use this avon setting spay to keep my makeup in place and prevent walking around with a dripping face. I've also chose to take a primer so extra staying power, I have the lumi magique one from loreal which I love because it adds a glow to the face. Then I've got foundation and concealer, I've just chose a dewy one because I like the fresh face look in summer but I've also got powder to set my face because otherwise I'd just end up a shiny mess! For cheeks I've packed two bronzers, one to contour and one to bronze and also Mac's warm soul blush to add more of a bronzed glow to the cheeks. I also packed Mac's soft and gentle because I love a shimmery cheek, it just adds to the glowing and dewy look. Then I've got my trust brow stuff which I couldn't go without, Mac's brun and loreal brow plumper.. A great combination! Finally we have eyes a lips. I don't really wear much eyeshadow so I've packed my Naked basics palette and a mascara just to have a simple look if I want to. Then for lips I've got a few options. I like to go for either a coral, a nude or a berry pink so I have one of each.. I'll decide which I use when I'm there.
And that's everything! It may seem a little much for some but I like to take a variety incase I want a certain look one night. I feel like it's better to have too much than too little so I just pile it all in! Although I don't know if it will all fit in my makeup bag so I could be taking a bigger one haha! Anyway, I was thinking of doing a makeup look using these products to show you my basic holiday makeup look so let me know if that's something you'd want to see! Or if there is any other holiday posts you would like me to do.
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