Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Box of Goodness

Hey Guys!!
So for my 18th I was the most lucky person and was so spoilt by all my friends and family, in fact when this post goes up I'll be in New York! But before I even start I just want to say I promise this is not a way of bragging at all I just wanted to show this gift I recieved off my friends as they done me a box full of makeup treats, most of which being an amazing order from Colourpop. 
I've not ever tried Colourpop but when they were doing free worldwide shipping I really wanted to get some stuff to try out so I picked out some stuff and my friends bought me the stuff. I chose to get one of the quads of eyeshadows in Zingara, a single shadow, three lippie stix and a highlighter. They also got me two MAC Lipsticks and Snow Fairy by lush which is my favourite lush scent ever!

The Zingara foursome set includes Jinxie which is the very shimmery pearl gold shade, Elixir which is a matte warm orange/brown, Seeker which is a matte brick brown and Paradox which is a satin burgandy shade. The foursome all work together to create a beautiful red smokey eye or work alone to create many different looks. I'm actually so impressed with how pigmented all these shadows are and I love the creamy feel of the shadows but they blend so well and go on like a powder.

For the single shadow I picked out Bae which appears like a very shimmery green shade but is actually a duo chrome eggplant shade with a turquoise under tone. It is so pretty and it actually works really well with the other 4 shades too.

I then was desperate to try the Lippie Stix's as I've seen so many people rave about them and swatch them so I wanted to see what they were like for myself. I decided to go for Cookie which is a pinky toned nude in a matte finish, Grunge which is a deep brown matte shade and Aquarius which is a a beautiful soft nude in a creme finish. These again are so pigmented and despite being matte, they're actually really creamy so don't dry out the lips. I think Aquarius has been my favourite so far as it is so wearable and goes with any outfit and any makeup look but they're all absolutely stunning colours and I definitely want to try out more of these lippie stixs as they are becoming my favourite lip products.

The final Colourpop item I went for was a highlighter in the shade Wisp which is a golden shade. These are super shimmery and pigmented, maybe a little too much for me as I think this might not work as nicely on me due to being pale but I will definitely try it anyway, plus it will make a beautiful eyeshadow if I don't use it as a highlighter!

I know this is mainly a Colourpop Haul but as they also bought me two Mac Lipsticks I thought I would just show you these also. I decided to ask for Whirl which is a darkish brown matte shade that is very Kylie Jenner inspired and I also chose Kinda Sexy which is a pink toned nude in a matte finish too(as you can tell I love matte lips). Both of these colours are absolutely stunning and I've worn whirl so much as I feel like it's such a wintery shade. The shades are quite similar to Colourpop Grunge and Cookie but are slightly different tones and have a more matte finish.

I know this haul was quite long and chatty but I haven't done a haul for ages and I really wanted to show how beautiful all of the Colourpop products are. If you are able to get your hands on Colourpop I would 100% recommend it as they are amazing quality for the price, I will definitely be looking at try to get some more stuff in the future! I hope you have enjoyed this haul, if you have then be sure to let me know as I would love to do some more!
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